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  1. R

    Introduction to AZ Carbide

    AZ Carbide is a dealer in carbide cutters for the turning world. Our selection of cutters is one of the largest of any dealer. Most of our square cutters are $ 6.50 and our rounds are $ 11. We also sell in 20 pack and the price of square 10 packs is $ 50 and rounds $ 90 All cutters come...
  2. G

    Smooth finish with Carbide?

    When I turn an acrylic blank using my round carbide cutter, and the lathe at full speed around 4000 rpm, I inevitably end up with "ribs" around the blank. Some are deeper than others and I'm able to sand them all down using 320 for a few minutes. However, is there a way to get rid of these...
  3. campzeke

    Carbide tools

    Being fairly new to turning I wanted to try using the carbide tools but didn't want to turn loose of the cash and opted to try making my own. Here are a few photos of what I came up with. Total cost for both tools is less than $40. 24 inches of 1/2' 1018 steel bar stock 2 3/4" copper pipe...
  4. A

    Mini or Midi Carbide Cutter for Pens??

    I am a disaster at sharpening anything. I can take a new knife, never used and sharpen it to a dull state. So here I am a new wood lathe and looking at the carbide cutters. I can't see wasting my time sharpening so I think I will go with carbide even though I have a set of regular HSS. I am down...
  5. M

    Carbide Tool Question

    I have been turning for a couple of years using Easy Wood Tools carbides. For some softer woods, this leaves the wood sort of chewed up. Unfortunately I do not have a means to sharpen tools because of space limitations. Is there another tool that I could use like the carbides that would give me...
  6. Joe S.

    My new carbide tool!

    I just finished making my first carbide insert tool. The handle is made from Osage Orange (I think), the steel bar is from TSC, and the insert is from Bear Tooth Woods. I KNOW there are problems, but I'm happy I was able to make a useable tool myself. Now for my first tru-stone! (guess what...
  7. Nikitas

    Carbide tools:

    Here are the tools I made to fit these inserts. Here is a link to the tool in use. Carbide Turning Tool, Demo for my new Carbide Turning tool. nikitas on USTREAM. How-to
  8. Nikitas

    Carbide turning tools..

    Here are some tools I made last few days. I Designed this tool to fit three inserts. The 15mm square, 15m with 2-6 inch nose radius and 17.5 mm round cutter.
  9. jjudge

    How to - carbide tip turning tool

    I've made a couple carbide tipped tools, so I thought I'd capture some details for folks who might want to venture down the same path as I have ... Introduction Carbide is common for cutting materials, because it can keep shaper longer. These have long been part of metal milling/lathing...
  10. randyrls

    Shop made Carbide tipped turning tools - FORE!

    These are two turning tools I made for myself and a friend in our turning club. They are 5/8" x 18" hexagonal stock. I turned the shaft portion of the The tools are very handy on wood and will remove wood almost too fast! On acrylics I found them "grabby" and prone to create chip-out. I...
  11. randyrls

    Sharpening Carbide Inserts on turning tools

    I have found that a credit card type diamond hone is excellent for sharpening any of the flat topped carbide inserts. Just put the insert top side down on the diamond hone with some kind of lube.
  12. T

    Round carbide tip tools

    I have become more and more interested in bowls, platters and hollow vessels lately and obviouosly will need more tools, especially for hollowing out vessels and the round carbide cutters seem to be the most favored. A popular tool is the "Hunter" tool which uses a round carbide insert. I...
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