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  1. W

    Swedish Birch Fountain Pen

    2 years ago when walking around my family's garden I found this cool little looking birch "tree" which was growing horizontally with 2 trees growing vertically on top. I knew immediately that it would be some great wood for making pens! After letting it dry for almost 2 years, it was now finally...
  2. Maverick KB

    New Olivewood stock available

    https://shed.life/shop-by-species/olivewood/ A couple examples of what's available. Pen blanks and larger. The burl pictured above is sold as a bookmatched set with combined measurements of 12" wide (side by side), 9 3/4" long and 2" thick. Individually piece one measures 6" x 9 3/4" x 2" and...
  3. B

    ARGH! 1 of the coolest burl ever (?) gone...

    I found this just now on ebay (3 EXOTIC STUNNING RARE CAMATILLO ROSEWOOD BURL PB5918 PEN BLANKS JEWELRY CARVING | eBay) and its Camatillo burl... aka mexican kingwood burl! This worse part about this is that noone ever bought it! it say "This listing has ended." which means it wasn't bought, but...
  4. A

    Olivewood burl stabilization help

    Bought a lot of olivewood and 4 or 5 pieces are from a burl. They have huge cracks that go very deep into the blanks. They have incredible figure but I dont know what to do with them. How should I handle them? I hope that ive include the picture correctly
  5. T

    My 1st Sale

    Its a really good feeling when you sell your 1st pen. Its almost like some sort of vindication that you've chosen a good hobby to do. :) I've been away from wood turning for about 12 or so years and this time I've decided to get into pen turning. I'm concentrating on a minimal set of kits and...
  6. T

    High End Burl Pen Sets With Matching Live Edge Burl Stands

    Questions? Comments? What do you think? I have Started Selling these in an interior designer's store 1) Black and Red dyed/stabilized box elder burl with Buckeye burl stand, Carnuba wax Buff finish (fountain,rollerball,pall point,pencil) 2) Old Growth Redwood Burl with OGRB stand...
  7. R

    Jr. Gent w/Black Cherry Burl

    Who needs exotic wood when native cherry looks like this? This is a Jr. Gent II in Rhodium wrapped in Black Cherry Burl from northern Pennsylvania. I stabilized it with Cactus Juice and it turned and finished like a dream. The finish is just a few coats of BLO & thin CA and then buffed.
  8. J

    Turning and Finishing Burl Pens

    I have been challenged with an ongoing issue when turning burl pens. It's the pitting/pockets. I've read various blogs and it seems inevitable to have pitting in burls pens. What ideas are out there to either prevent the pitting, or ways to fill the pits and finish the pen. I apologize for...
  9. wortmanb

    My first posted pen

    I'm still working on my photography skills, but this pen is a spalted two-tone afzelia burl from Bad Dogs. It's also my first FP, and is one I may be keeping for myself. CA Finish, 6 coats, then buffed with a little carnauba wax on a wheel.
  10. R

    Great Burl Woods

    I came across a site the other day while searching for some exotic burl wood. Bad Dogs Burl Source - Home Page A great website, with a ton of beautiful stuff and great customer service. I made a line of pens out of red mallee burl and rose myrtle burl, you can look at them here. Gorgeous...
  11. B

    Ping Cigar with Skull and Crossbones and Purple Jr. Statesman II

    Here are my two latest. The skull and crossbones was a pain in the butt. I love the purple one.
  12. DannyHeatley

    European Burl

    So I finished this pen last December and the heat of trying to crank out as many pens as I could for Christmas gifts I forgot what type of wood I used here, and I also cheaped out on finishing it. With the burl I had troubles filling in the deep crevices with CA, is there any way to do such...
  13. B

    Going to harrogate uk for a week

    I'm headed to harrogate england for a week. Anyone know of any good burl/wood shops nearby?
  14. T

    Jr Gent I - Amboyna Burl

    Here is one done with Amboyna Burl acquired from another member here (thanks Garrett). The finish came out perfect but the "fit" needs a bit of work. Any advice on how to clean up the ends so they don't show the white bands would be appreciated. Thanks, Tom
  15. Amthermandes

    What pen kit should I use for a Buckeye Burl natural blank?

    Here's what my blank looks like: I'm looking for a pen kit that'll go nicely with it, but I'm having trouble picking the "perfect" kit. I am rather new to pen turning, but I have a few under my belt and I'd like to make this my formal pen, a very exquisite pen. My price range on a kit is...
  16. DrPepper8412

    'Boyna Burl

    Hey all! Took a weekend at home from college, so naturally the first thing I did was ate a big bucket of green chile (the local food of choice in New Mexico):biggrin:, and hopped on the lathe! I was hoping to make a whole bunch of pens, to replenish my stock, but I figured one real nice one...
  17. Lenny

    HRB on a Majestic

    My first pen since early December. A Majestic fountain pen. This is a piece of Honduran Rosewood Burl I purchased from Johnm here on IAP. Thanks, John! Finished with several coats of thin CA, then med. CA. Micromeshed up through all grits, then polished with Novs2 and PlastX. Finally a...
  18. S

    satisfactory silver sedona!

    haven't found a spare minute in months for hobbies. so I'm glad the hour I spent tonight in the garage gave me this pen. pretty happy with it, except for this: the wood right under the finial thins out too much. you can see through it! will gift this to my father, who is coming in this weekend...
  19. Halfcaff

    Double Closed-end Amboyna Fountain

    This is similar to the double closed-end I made last weekend but I thought a fountain would be more appropriate. I made the bottom barrel about 1.5cm longer than I did last time. The centerband is made from trustone turquoise and buckeye burl. I am more pleased with how the hidden clip turned...
  20. ElMostro

    Stripes & Burls

    Here is my latest pen. It is Red Malle burl with swirly blue stripes, finished with CA on a Jr. Statesman Titanium Gold Kit. Whadaya think? Eugene
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