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  1. Woodchipper

    Wipe on poly

    I read a post yesterday that mentioned WOP for pen blanks. I have searched for it and haven't found it yet. How is it best applied and how long do you let each coat take to dry? Thanks.
  2. J

    Hello from Phoenix AZ

    My name is Jim Godoy. I started turning a few years back and that hobby turned into blank making. I was fortunate enough to meet a fellow turner with similar interests and we have since focused mostly on blank making, cast, hybrid, stabilized, dyed and segmented blanks. Looking forward to being...
  3. B

    Hello from Canada

    Hello from Nova Scotia, Canada. I'm new to turning and am excited to learn as much as possible, seeing as now I'm addicted to it... I was wondering if there is anyone else on here from Canada, maybe even N.S. im starting to turn some pens and am looking at ordering bulk blanks so I can just keep...
  4. B

    the secret to "free" blanks

    so while short on cash. I was browsing Facebook and came across a woodworkers page. I offered in exchange for a box of scrap woods of man varieties I would send them a pen I made. Small problem though. the 1st box I received had over 100 blank sized scraps. And 20 other people offered to ship...
  5. Woodchipper

    Dead dogwood tree

    I have a dead dogwood tree in my backyard that needs to come down. Not sure how it died- one day it was OK and then, leaves didn't come out and part of the bark (no puns here, OK?) is coming off. I'm thinking lightning kill but there are trees around it that are over 75 feet tall and they are...
  6. P

    First Pen Stone blank

    I bought my first pen stone blank from penn state and plan on using the hourglass pen kit from pen state. I have a few questions about the pen stone. I also bought the right bits they recommended. 1. How hard is the stone to turn and what speed is recommended to turn it at. 2. When...
  7. P

    Thich CA glue fumes

    This is about the third time I have glued a bunch of blanks togethere but at first I thought it was seasonal allergies but from the research I did on thick CA glue was the fumes from it can cause a type of asthma problem that almost makes it hard to breathe feels like breathing through a straw...
  8. C

    Railroad Related Pen Blank

    Afternoon All, I was wondering if anyone knows of a source for some type of railroad related pen blanks. I saw a discussion about using old railroad ties from a few years ago, I know I do not want to go that route. Perhaps reclaimed wood from a station or railroad car remodel. I have a few...
  9. hcpens

    September 2015 PITH Parings - Let the turnings begin!

    :bananen_smilies035:Here are the pairings for the SEPTEMBER 2015 PITH! We have 70 adults with :bananen_smilies051:12 NEW members joining in!! * No youth were identified at this time, will have to work on next PITH In the member swap we have 3 countries represented: Australia, Canada and the...
  10. J

    Need help, blanks with aluminum separating

    I want to move to more challenging turning. I found some pictures on here of pens with stripes of metal running the length of the barrel. I found this was aluminum flashing so I promptly went out and bought some, cut it, scuffed up the faces, and bonded it into two sandwich blanks using System...
  11. G

    Looking for a lime green and neon pink blank

    One of my coworkers, who has purchased a few pens from me, asked me today if I could make her a pen with the colors of lime green and neon pink. Anyone know if there is a blank available like that or who could make one? Thanks, Gary
  12. P

    Glass in acrylic?

    Anyone tried putting glass in blanks? Im thinking of using beach glass. Would it break apart when turning? Have to be sanded and not cut with a tool? Carbide tip tool do the job? Thanks for your input.
  13. Ardy

    Hello from Canada

    Hello - I have been turning pens, stoppers, key chains and a few other small items for a little over a year. I've sold most at local craft fairs or a couple gift shops which pleases me :). I am always looking for sources for new blanks. I prefer (because my buyers seem to) laminated colorful...
  14. healeydays

    Planning on casting and want advice

    Hi Folks, I'm planning on doing some stabilizing and casting of pen blanks and would be looking to use a portion of the materials as trade material. My question is if I was to cast with tubes, knowing that all type of tubes are used depending on what pens are being turned, am...
  15. healeydays

    What tube size and length are folks looking for?

    Folks, I am looking to do some casting of blanks and am curious if I were looking to have trade stock, what are people looking for in dimensions and tube size in blanks they are buying/trading for? Also, does anyone know of a great source for raw tubes that I can cut to size as needed...
  16. M

    Buy blanks or cut your own ?

    I am looking for some African blackwood and desert ironwood blanks. Is it better/cheaper to buy the larger pieces and cut them your self or just buy the pre-cut blanks? And what is a good source for these two woods? Thanks
  17. cschimmel

    Where to buy gator jaws

    Is there a good online source for gator jaw bones for casting? I see a lot of knives. thanks for any help.
  18. C

    Finding Cheap Beginning Blanks

    Hey!, Brand new to the forums I have been snooping around and decided to make an account. Anyways, i had a question. I was wondering where you guys would recommend finding cheap blanks just to start out, I live in Canada and so I have been getting them from Lee Valley Tools however the price...
  19. butchf18a

    Italian Cebloplast

    Just arrived 3 pieces of Mazzuchelli Italian Cebloplast acetate blanks. 5/8" diameter, 14" long. Not sure which pen(s) I will use them for, but they will have to be something special. This material is no longer produced, and not the easiest stuff to find.
  20. M

    My First PR Castings

    So after bothering a whole lot of people specially Joe The Pen Wizard I finally gutted up to do my first casts. They didn't come out perfect, but at least they cured! I don't know what to do about air bubbles and the ends yet (see the yellow blank), but I'll keep trying. The first yellow is...
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