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  1. Matt8643

    First "hybrid" custom pen

    I have been pen turning for over ten years now but only making kitless pens for over a year, and always from resin rods. I work on a wood lathe and not a metal lathe so I I was concerned if I could make a sleeve for a cap with a proper fit or if I would have some other unforeseen issues (I did...
  2. Matt8643

    Custom pen from DiamondCast blank

    I just love these DiamondCast blanks. I wish I had more pics but thought I would share. I think my next step is to learn to add metal accent rings/bands on my pens.
  3. Carrick20

    Wanted - Bespoke Tools

    Hi, my name is Carrick and I am 14 years old. I have been making pens for 3 years now and recently started turning closed end fountain pens as another step towards making bespoke pens which is really my goal. I have been researching the many different tools I need and which taps and dies would...
  4. NT_2112

    How about a 3d printed ER32 collet? Let's give it a shot.

    I wanted to see if I could hold a square pen blank in an ER32 collet on my lathe. So, starting with this: I coverted the center hole into a square and 3d printed this design: And got this result before removing printing supports: And after cleaning it up a little: Hoping I get a...
  5. spindlecraft

    How to get space behind threads on kitless pens

    Friends, I find myself struggling to add space behind the body’s threads where it will work with a cap. (see attached images) Naturally, it’s not difficult for me to simply turn down extra material behind the threads, but when I go to put the cap on, the cap wants to stop twisting as it...
  6. spindlecraft

    Finished this guy up yesterday

    Kindly ignore the dirty threads. I still need to wipe it down. But this was a pen that I started and finished yesterday afternoon. This one marks my second completed kitless pen, and while still not perfect, proved to be yet another learning experience. I accidentally snapped the threads of...
  7. spindlecraft

    Welp - here she is. My FIRST completed kitless pen.

    After approximately 15 failed attempts, and a lot of help from you fine folks, I finally was able to finish my first kitless pen this afternoon. Feedback and critiques are of course welcome. I am gonna churn a few more out I think before I start venturing into clips and accent rings...
  8. D

    In-depth study on making bespoke pen clips?

    There is a couple of reference guides here and a couple of YouTube vids out on making clips but besides that,I don’t see much. I see Castro has a great vid on turning 50 cal brass into clips but is there a place I can go to learn how to make these things from scratch like cutting and bending...
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