acrylic blank

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  1. Fine Engineer

    Old Truck Theme, First Acrylic Pen

    This is for a colleague who has a 1953 truck that he really enjoys. So using that as inspiration, I created this. Another colleague cast the blank, and I added some Oak to match the wood in the bed of the truck. I was surprised at how easily the acrylic turned and finished. I also wanted to put...
  2. R

    Red and white w/ gold

    I wish the clicker and clip were gold but I like the color combo.
  3. R

    My first 2 segment pen and acrylic

    I should have had sharper tools for this one but I'll know for next time. Had the first one blast apart on me, but I got back up and tried again. Love this one!
  4. S

    My favorite new pen

    Well I have now turned 4 pens and this last one is my favorite so far. I made the blank using poly resin and mica pigment I had from my nail polish making days. The pen kit is the Legacy Victoria in copper. What do you think?
  5. Fridgecritter

    Segmenting How to get the jagged edge

    The only way I can think to achieve this look is the break off the end of the wood but that would compromise the structural integrity of the wood? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  6. P

    Polymer clay

    I have been very busy doing Polymer Clay blanks. The dragon pen is a great sample of polymer clay with clear acrylic casting. This gives it a nice 3-D look. I have one pen blank set for the PSI dragon pen ready to turn. If any one is interested.
  7. C

    Casting how to make acrylic Type blanks

    I was wondering how to make the acrylic acetate that they sell online? What raw materials/chemicals are required?
  8. Bryguy

    Drilling acrylics

    I have had a heck of a time drilling acrylics. Blowouts galore. Then I discovered the acrylic drills from FTM not a single blowout since (until I wore the drill bit out!) They are available in metric sizes as well as fractional inch and number and letter sizes. I just ordered some more and in...
  9. The Falcons Quill

    Favorite acrylic blank

    This is one of my favorite blanks, the Rhino Earths Core from PSI. My wife adores this pen. This s is my first time posting here at IAP. I recently started my hobby again and am turning it into a fun small business.
  10. M

    Breast Cancer Awareness

    Breast Cancer Awareness (Pink) was my focus. I purchased the Breast Cancer Kit from Penn State...and poured my own polyester acrylic blank.
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