Greetings from South Jersey

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Nov 21, 2016
New Jersey
Hello everyone!
I'm new to this site but I've been turning pens for almost 15 years now.
I like to use unique woods and materials for my projects. I turn key rings, pepper mills, salt shakers and just about any other thing that gets my attention.
For the last 2 years I've worked with poly resin to clear cast watch parts pens and printed label pen blanks.
I look forward to learning new things as well as sharing my mistakes so you don't have to waste time and material.
Here is a picture of my latest project, when my mom passed away earlier this year, I gathered up her old watches and made a key ring for all of my brothers and sisters. As you can see I used spray enamel paint on the tubes and most of it bubbled off when I cast them. It actually makes a kinda cool steampunk look.


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Feb 22, 2005
Welcome to the best pen turning site on the net. There is a ton of info within the walls of this place along with some of the most talented and unselfish people and artisans here. Any questions just jump right in and anything you care to add to any thread please do so. We learn from one and other. We do like photos and you started out well. we hope you stick around and show us more.

Robert, you and I have a couple things in common. I happen to be from Central NJ and I too lost my Mom this Jan. I miss her so much and a day does not go by I am not thinking of both my Dad and my Mom. They were a huge part of what I am today.

Hope to see you on the sites here and keep up the good work. We all learn from our mistakes for sure. Good luck.


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Apr 13, 2010
Robert, you are among brothers here. In a very real sense, we have been waiting for you and welcome your voice to the rich family babel. Hitch up a chair and spend some time with us. I am looking forward to sharing my best with you, and being impressed by all that you bring in return.