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  1. W

    A Couple Of Watch Part Pens

    Good morning, my first two attempts at watch part pens. The black one worked really well and is a stunner, both made with Triton kits.
  2. W

    Greetings from South Jersey

    Hello everyone! I'm new to this site but I've been turning pens for almost 15 years now. I like to use unique woods and materials for my projects. I turn key rings, pepper mills, salt shakers and just about any other thing that gets my attention. For the last 2 years I've worked with poly...
  3. I

    Watch part blanks. What am I doing wrong?

    I've bought all my materials for making watch part pen blanks. Including some retro dials to start with. If I ruin those blanks, it's no big deal. Part of the learning process. However, look at the pics. I'm putting them together using a thick CA. Specifically, gorilla glue thick. If you...
  4. H

    13 Watch parts lots on eBay

    Hi all, just a quick note that a good friend who is a master watchmaker is offering 13 lots of watch parts on eBay. Search eBay for "seller:amigo1996". If you're looking for watch parts source materials for castings, take a look at these 13 lots. Hugh
  5. I

    Steampunk pen designs - information on creating your own Steampunk pen

    Hi everyone, Steampunk style pens are an opportunity to explore your creative side and perhaps try new mediums and techniques. Below is a link to an article with information on how to create your own pen as well as some great examples from your fellow penturners. Steampunk Pens – How to...
  6. cschimmel

    Video #2 in the Watch Parts Pen series.

    Thanks for checking it out. Pen Making Series: How to make a Steampunk Watch Parts Pen, #2 - YouTube
  7. R

    Watch Parts Pen - A Short Film

    This is a short film of a watch parts pen that I made. I'm working on a "tutorial edit" which I hope to complete within the next month. Comments and suggestions are welcomed. -Rossi Oswaldo Rossi - YouTube
  8. cschimmel

    A watch pen for a friends mother. WWII era

    Helbros watch to pen conversion video. Schimmel's Studio - YouTube This is a project I did for a Friend of mine who had this watch. The watch was his mother's fathers watch that he had received in the 50's (he has since past). She had given the watch to her son (my friend) because it did not...
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