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  1. spindlecraft

    Restoring "shine" to de-rusted tools

    Hi all, Over the winter, we had some basement flooding (which is where I have my wood shop at) – and a couple of my tools had developed a coating of rust on them. I got some rust remover, let them soak, and scrubbed them down – and it did a great job of removing the rust. But now, they all...
  2. N

    What company makes quality reamers?

    I need some reamers and am not certain what brands offer a good combination of price and performance.
  3. N

    Alternatives to Easy Wood negative rake cutters

    I have to replace some Easy Wood carbide cutters. Question: are there less expensive options to the Easy Wood branded carbide cutters that perform just as well?
  4. E

    Do mandrels wear out?

    Recently I've been noticing an odd warping in both wood and acrylic blanks. I will turn one side of the blank down, then go work on the other side, and when I go back to the first side, it's warped and makes my tools bump. I have a suspicion it may be my mandrel. It's had 3+ years of pretty...
  5. S

    I have a C. Christiansen carpenters bench for sale

    I found this site while searching for information on dating and pricing my carpenter's bench. My search brought me to a post of one and I thought this site was for tools and such. I'm not sure if this is where I would post that I have this for sale or not. If this is not allowed or not where I...
  6. campzeke

    Carbide tools

    Being fairly new to turning I wanted to try using the carbide tools but didn't want to turn loose of the cash and opted to try making my own. Here are a few photos of what I came up with. Total cost for both tools is less than $40. 24 inches of 1/2' 1018 steel bar stock 2 3/4" copper pipe...
  7. KagedCreations

    Bench grinder choice

    Hello All! Last week was my birthday and I ended up getting two separate bench grinders. After some research I'm fairly certain the Delta is the better choice but am looking for opinions either way. Delta - Shop DELTA Delta 6-in Bench Grinder at Ryboi- Ryobi 8 in. Bench...
  8. Dan Masshardt

    For Beginners: Other Tooling Needed to Make Pens

    Getting Started: Other Tooling Needed to Make Pens We are fortunate to see many new and prospective pen turners on a regular basis. That means - understandably - that the same questions come up frequently. I previously shared some advice for choosing a lathe. This post will cover some of...
  9. spindlecraft

    Best tool for cutting tiny pen blank segments

    I apologize if this question has been asked a million times before, but I am looking for opinions on the best tool to use for cutting small segments. Right now, I have an entry-level Skil table saw that I've been using to cut segments, and it is problematic for a couple of reasons. 1.) The...
  10. TBCbushings

    Carbide tools:

    Here are the tools I made to fit these inserts. Here is a link to the tool in use. Carbide Turning Tool, Demo for my new Carbide Turning tool. nikitas on USTREAM. How-to
  11. TBCbushings

    Carbide turning tools..

    Here are some tools I made last few days. I Designed this tool to fit three inserts. The 15mm square, 15m with 2-6 inch nose radius and 17.5 mm round cutter.
  12. butchf18a

    Lathe Corner

    :usflag:One corner of the shop is where the lathe lives. Cabinet holds virtually everything. Blank storage (well part of them anyway), general drawer and turning tool storage. Cabinet for blanks, deer antler, misc. stuff. Feature I like for the tool storage is there is no bottom to the slide-out...
  13. B

    Looking for a good reco on a Bandsaw

    So I'm in the market for a good bandsaw. I dare to say I have a "shop", it's more of half of a garage where I pretend to make pens. I don't have a lot of room and would love to get a table top bandsaw like the rikon...
  14. B

    CNC for custom blanks?

    Does anyone have this CNC? It looks like it has a lot of potential to use to make custom patterns in blanks, and a great price for a CNC..... -Dude
  15. randyrls

    Interesting metal working site

    This site has an extensive metal working library of information about tools of all kinds.
  16. R

    Noob Startup Equipment

    I'm looking to get into the hobby (as if I need another one...LOL), and I've been saving my pennies. I almost have enough for to buy my first lathe. I'm looking at the JET JML 1014VSI. But just having a lathe won't let me turn. I need the addons. Namely chisels, pen turning starter kit, and...
  17. WildcatHollow

    Sharpening Turning Tools

    I have several questions about sharpening my tools, and wondered if you could help, please. 1. How often should I sharpen them, if I use them every day on wood? (Number of pens? Number of hours? Number of days?) 2. How often should I sharpen them, if I use them every day on acrylics? 3...
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