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  1. Charder Creations LLC

    12 Spalted Hickory Blanks - $34 with Free Shippimg in the US

    SOLD: A set of 12 Spalted Hickory blanks. Blanks are 5.5"x .8125”x.8125” To claim this set just send your email and shipping address to or send a message from my Facebook page at the following link: POMs: These will be posted...
  2. MRDucks2

    Stabilized Spalted Dogwood

    Back into my stash of Dogwood thanks to pschwizz. Handful of stabilized blanks still warm from the oven. Love this wood.
  3. MRDucks2

    Spalted, ambrosia... I call it wood

    Guy I work with called and said hey, the city cut this tree down... I saw something worth saving. Another co-worker wanted some so dropped two pieces off for him. We shall see.
  4. E

    Spalting and Color

    Hello all, I turned a spalted maple pen and noticed, only after turning, that the bottom portion, along the spalting line was a slightly different color. More muted but still interesting. I am used to larger color differences with spalting. I went to my copy of Understanding Wood by R...
  5. R

    Double Dyed Poplar

    Just a quick cell phone photo of a pen with a blank I made. It's Spalted Tulip Poplar stabilized and double-dyed green & purple.
  6. M

    Lucky wood find: revisited

    I posted pictures of the top of an oak tree that fell on my shed a while back. This is the first thing I've made out of it after microwave drying and stabilizing. Sorry for the poor photo quality. C&C welcome!
  7. wortmanb

    My first posted pen

    I'm still working on my photography skills, but this pen is a spalted two-tone afzelia burl from Bad Dogs. It's also my first FP, and is one I may be keeping for myself. CA Finish, 6 coats, then buffed with a little carnauba wax on a wheel.
  8. S

    Spalted Beech Slimline pen

    Hi All, A slimline (well as slim as I like to make a slimline) pen in spalted beech. I tried to finish in CA as I've read good things on here about the results, but wound up sanding back and friction polishing in the end. Anyone got some advice on how to CA finish a wooden pen...
  9. Halfcaff

    Spalted Maple Broadwell

    I turned this Broadwell Art Deco Gold T/N and Chrome pen today. I used a spalted maple blank that I have had for a while and finally decided to turn. I stabilized it before I turned it. It had quite an interesting spalt pattern. Each line was a double line which gave it a nice effect. Let...
  10. Halfcaff

    Lucky find

    I went for a hike in the woods of Jacksonville, TX and found a hackberry log that looked like it was spalted on the end. I took it home and dried it. After it was dry I cut it up into blanks and to my surprise it was crazy looking. So I made a Majestic out of one of the blanks. It was a...
  11. M


    Still very new to pen turning..I see this word used a lot, what does it mean when you call a certain wood spalted
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