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  1. MRDucks2

    Shop Repair - Brick Work and boards

    Was going to title this “Another Thing I’ll Never Make a Living At”. Prior to adding a dividing wall to my shop to separate the “clean area” I removed the loose plaster from the brick in the 1880’s portion of my shop. I found two 2x4 laid length wise in two runs of the brick, something had not...
  2. Woodchipper

    Kids and Grandkids in the shop

    After seeing many threads about the title indicated, I thought I would share some thoughts here. I have nine grandkids. Two or them are into sports, baseball now, following in their older brother's cleat prints. He plays minor league ball. When they were growing up, we would keep them after...
  3. butchf18a

    Lathe Corner

    :usflag:One corner of the shop is where the lathe lives. Cabinet holds virtually everything. Blank storage (well part of them anyway), general drawer and turning tool storage. Cabinet for blanks, deer antler, misc. stuff. Feature I like for the tool storage is there is no bottom to the slide-out...
  4. refueler1

    Anyone have the new Delta 46-460 lathe?

    Does anyone have this lathe and if so How long and how is it working out? I am in the market for a small lathe and am cosidering the Delta 46-460.
  5. J

    Bought a collet chuck

    I just ordered the PSI collet chuck. I decided on this after thinking about things for a while. The best part is that it only really cost me 34 bucks after deducting the $10 off coupon and the proceeds from my two bottle stopper sales. At least that's the story I'm going to give my wife...
  6. skiprat

    Benchtop Compound Table Router Drill

    A little while ago I needed to buy a 16mm chuck to make a gadget for my metal lathe. Instead of buying a chuck on it's own, I bought a complete new benchtop drill press indentical to the one I already had. The Chinese DP was only about £10 more than the cost of a half decent chuck. The old motor...
  7. GouletPens

    What are some good air-powered tools to get?

    After a nifty CL purchase I find myself with a 3HP 60-Gal Ingersoll Rand air compressor that puts out 11.3 CFM at 90 PSI. Quite a step up from my little Porter-Cable pancake. I glanced at some air tools at the Box store and noticed I am no longer limited whatsoever by air capacity. So being new...
  8. J

    Shop Notes Mini Lathe Stand

    Has anyone made this? I plan on making it hopefully next weekend and I am wondering if anyone has some good modifications that they did?
  9. S

    problem with Jet Mini

    I'm having a problem with my lathe not turning true. The mandrel at the tailstock end is way off--you can see that it's not turning true. I just replaced the spindle and both sets of bearings and tried 2 different mandrels--same result. It makes it difficult to get pens turned to the bushings...
  10. Bree

    SWWWEEEEEET!!! Delta 46-460

    The stork arrived with my new baby... the Delta 46-460 VS 1 HP Midi Lathe. WOW!! Is this one swweeeeet machine!! Solidly built. Beautifully machined ways. Excellent fit and finish. Spur center to live center point to point test... dead on. Motor... unbelievable... quiet as a church...
  11. J

    drill doctor

    I'm going to buy one. Would like to know if there is much of a difference between the 500x or 750 the only thing I can see is that the 750 sharpens bits over 1/2 in. which I don't use very much. What would you buy? Jack
  12. Rangertrek

    Blank Storage Rack

    This was my weekend project. I had blanks stored in boxes in the shop, in the house, etc. I could never find what I was looking for, so I made the rack to hold them. Its not very pretty, workmanship, not that great. :cool: Discovered miter gauge slipped during cuts of dados etc. I also used 1x8...
  13. GouletPens

    Venting a DC duct outside

    Okay, so hear me out on this one. I'm going to be putting a DC system in my shed attached to the garage and running dedicated duct work, and I'm thinking, 'okay now I have to remember to check the bag every so often.' So I got one of those nifty 2-stage cyclone separator tops for the garbage...
  14. GouletPens

    What's the best DC ducting for a permanent setup?

    I have a 2HP DC I'm looking to hookup with permanent ducting. The DC has a 6" inlet and it's going to be in my attached shed, so the ducting will have to come through my wall. I'm looking at galvanized metal or pvc (grounded, of course) and I was wondering what input and advice you guys might...
  15. jyreene

    Outfitting a shop

    Okay, I posted while back asking for some feedback regarding outfitting a new shop, I am still a few months away so bargains at the time could change things but I'm at work and the means I have nothing to do so I figured I would change the...
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