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  1. A

    Pressure pot leaking in the security valve

    I'm having problems with my pressure pot, which the retailer said it max 80 PSI and safety valve was set to 60 PSI, the only place it leaks is in the safety valve, I set it to release at 50 and tried with 30 PSI too, the valve opens normally and release pressure when it hit the max PSI I set...
  2. T

    What pressure pot do you use?

    I am looking to purchase a pressure pot for resin casting, but I only want to do it once...okay, once more. :-) What pot do you use and would you recommend it, or a different one? Thank you.
  3. P

    Assembled the pressure pot

    Well I assembled my first pressure pot and getting ready to walk into new territory with casting it looks like alot of fun also. Testing the pot with my compressor for the first time that gave me a kinda a scary feeling but also very intriguing fun. I have been reading on here and other...
  4. I

    Pressure pot/vacuum chamber

    For casting.. I am looking to figure out the very best way to cast acrylic. Do you have to use pressure or can you use vacuum? Next, I am looking for an option to do small amounts. Is there a system someone can recommend that is an all-in-one? I would rather pay a little more for a...
  5. C

    HF Pressure Pot Lid Seal

    Any suggestions for getting a tight seal on the lid of my HF pressure pot?
  6. D

    Rose engine Machine

    I an not sure where this post is supposed to go ,so I will put it here. I have a home made Rose engine machine for sale. I have pretty much retired and haven't made a pen in some time. Anyway, this machine is very quality built and works great. All meteal parts were turned at a machine Co. I...
  7. Falcon1220

    Great place

    Don’t you just love this forum? :biggrin: I have been able to find so much information on a variety of topics. I have been doing my own resin blank casting for some time now. All without a pressure pot.:redface: By change I got a pressure pot that was used for painting. Thought I would take it...
  8. denniszoomy

    No pressure pot

    Is there a way to get good results in casting and stabilizing without having to have a pressure pot?
  9. jplifka

    HF Pressure Pot Conversion Info

    I'm looking for Harbor Freight Pressure Pot Conversion info - I've read the one posted in the library but looking for other variations. The easy the better - I would greatly appreciate if someone could provide a link or attachment to any other variations they may know of - many thanks. R/John
  10. clapiana

    my binks off craigslist showed up today

    i have been waiting to meet up with a guy who lives 2 hours away to get a binks he had for sale. well the Lord is faithful and it happened today 2 weeks after we 1st spoke. it ended up being a 83-5402 model which is a 5 gallon 110psi unit. (on the listing it said it was the 2.5 gallon model)...
  11. M

    Pressure Pot

    Hello all. From most of the threads I have been reading looks like I'll need to get a pressure pot soon enough. What is the most economical (= cheapest) way to get pressure pot? Thanks Manny Champaigne test on beer budget!
  12. Lenny

    Paint tank pressure pot (?)

    I'm not even sure I will ever want to try using a pressure pot when I start casting but I have been curious about my paint tank. I haven't used it since I stopped working for myself 10 years ago. Dug it out tonight so I could post this pic. It says 25-40 normal working pressure, 50 psi maximum...
  13. junosdad

    Pressure pot or ultrasonic cleaner?

    Greetings all. I've been lurking for the better part of a year and would like to first thank everybody that has so generously contributed to these forums, as they have helped me to produce some fairly passable pens.:smile: I'm interested in casting my own blanks now, and have been reading the...
  14. ed4copies

    Pressure pot adjusting?

    So Curtis keeps a constant pressure for three days. Dawn can keep a constant pressure for 30 minutes. Same pressure pot. Now, I can tighten the clamps and improve HER performance, but I don't believe I will come CLOSE to Curtis'. So, what's to adjust??? There is no rubber seal that comes...
  15. MesquiteMan

    Reb's new pressure pot...darn thing leaks!

    Recently, Reb contacted me about making a pressure pot for him. I decided to make it even more simple than the two I am using and really like the way it came out. This is for Alumilite and pressure only, no vacuum. The problem is, the darn thing leaks! I pressured it up to 80# on the dot and...
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