polymer clay

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  1. Toni

    Fly Away….

    This Fountain Pen is brand new for me. It took me some time to use it as I was waiting for the right Polymer Clay Millefiori Design to put on the tubes. Finally I had come up with it. This has Red Gerbera Flowers and Blue Birds Flying on the blanks. Thank you for looking!!
  2. Toni

    Let me be your Valentine ♥️

    4 Beautiful Valentines Day Pens made using Polymer Clay Millefiori on the blanks. I get a little crazy this time of the year!!
  3. B

    Hi from TX

    I'm so pleased to have found this group. I'm a polymer clay person. I've been primarily making jewelry for years, but have gotten a little restless. I tried making a few pens and want to learn more. Who doesn't like a new rabbit hole to pursue, right? I think I could benefit from other...
  4. Toni

    Happy Valentines Day 🌹🌹♥️♥️

    You don’t have to worry about the roses dying or complaints about chocolate at Valentine’s Day.
  5. Religious Slimline Pen

    Religious Slimline Pen

    Material = Polymer Clay
  6. Personalized Slimline

    Personalized Slimline

    Polymer Clay Pen
  7. Personalized Slimline Polymer Clay Pen

    Personalized Slimline Polymer Clay Pen

    Barrel=Orange Polymer Clay ; Writing= Laser Transfer
  8. Workbench for Polymer Clay Penmaking

    Workbench for Polymer Clay Penmaking

    This workbench is in my living room corner , just out of view is my Computer corner and a small Toast Oven in the Kitchen . Dimentions =70cm.x150cm. plus 3 drawers on castors.
  9. Polymer Clay Religious Pen

    Polymer Clay Religious Pen

    Barrel =light brown polymer clay . Inlay=white polymer clay with a bit of sparkling.Finish = polymer clay dedicated glaze .
  10. Slimline blue Polymer Clay Pen

    Slimline blue Polymer Clay Pen

    Starting again making pens after a heart problem about 3 Years ago ; I move my workbench from the Balcony to my living room with aircondition . no more wood dust and cyano etc. .I adquired a micro lathe and a micro milling machine and a pasta machine to work the polymer clay.
  11. P

    Just starting in Polymer Clay

    Few of my pens.. I made out of polymer clay. I do not have a lathe and its all done with hands.. I will be very happy to get your feedback and anything you can suggest which I can improve upon. - Poonam
  12. P

    New to IAP

    Hello to all. I have been turning for about 8 years. From any thing from pens to bowls to segmented bowls. Love the challenges of trying something new. My newest projects is Polymer clay pen blanks. I am also starting up a new business with a friend supplying pen blank and acrylic blanks...
  13. ctfolmar

    First Pens Ever

    With everybody else in the family making pens, I figured I would get in on the action. So I started with polymer clay blanks since I have no experience with a lathe. All I had to do is sand them and put a shine on them. I am thrilled with how they turned out on my first try at finishing and...
  14. MrsPTownSubbie

    Mrs. PTownSubbie in Portsmouth, VA

    Hi my name is Tina Wissen from Portsmouth, VA. My husband, Fred (aka PTownSubbie) may be familiar to some of you. In my spare time, I design polymer clay blanks and am looking forward to the MAPG 2013 - Mid-Atlantic Penturners Gathering in Glen Allen, VA, on May 17 & 18 so I can meet other...
  15. Wooden Affairs

    Polymer Clay Durability

    I am here to share my recent experience with polymer clay and confirm that it is not a fluke. The first pen I made was black and copper Atlas in black enamel. I dropped it and chipped the enamel and decided to keep the pen. About two months ago it became my work pen. I keep it in a...
  16. lacewood

    Playing with Polymer Clay

    Cathy and I had some time to play....decided to make some pens out of Premo (Polymer Clay) All comments welcome! Have a nice weekend, Karen Wood Safari www.woodsafari.com
  17. randyrls

    Thoughts for Polymer clay cane pens

    I have seen several ideas for PC canes. I offer these for what they are worth. Put the cane into a refrigerator for a few hours to stiffen it. Makes it easier to cut without deforming the cane. Before slicing the cane, press the teeth of a comb or saw lightly into the clay. Use the teeth...
  18. Parson

    I'm baking PC blanks...

    They're in an old toaster oven right now I have set up in my warehouse. I'm more excited than when I carefully put a lemon meringue pie in the oven night before last! I doubt the pen blanks would taste as good though :) I'll post pix here as soon as it comes out of the oven and I get it...
  19. creativewriting

    Clay project gone wrong?

    Half-way through a project I wasn't happy with how it was going. I grabbed the clay:mad: and started mixing it together to go into the scrap pile. After a few kneads I looked down and had to stop in my tracks. This twist pen was the result. I need to be careful and pay attention the next time I...
  20. Russianwolf

    first tries with Polymer Clay

    So this weekend I went out and did a major splurge. 1 Craft Pasta Roller - $25 16 packages of Premo clay - $2.50 each except one at $3.50 ($41) Toaster Oven - $19 Oven Thermometer - $5 Total outlay - $90 I came home and confiscated one of LOML's glass cutting boards and grabbed some...
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