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  1. Q

    Walnut Burl

    I think I may be more excited about the fact that I FINALLY figured out how to photograph these suckers than I am about the pen itself (especially with some blemishes in the finish). Granted the Walnut Burl is definitely pretty and one of the most figured woods I've turned so far. Nonetheless...
  2. Amihai

    Taking pen photography to the next level

    Hello, I own a simple setup with a small light tent, two tripod lights and a tripod for my smartphone. Bought all of those for like 60$ on Amazon. The pictures I produce with this setup are fine, I guess. And fortunately for me, sales have been going great the last two weeks (sold 7 pens!)...
  3. Dueyvan

    Unknown wood/ picture problems

    I made this pen from a piece of tree that I was given by a client at my job. I don’t know what it is, and I can’t believe how hard it is to take good pictures of a pen. Would love feedback as to what kinda wood as well as photography pointers.
  4. Woodchipper

    Photography questions answered

    I had some questions about photographing pens and decided to check the library. Found this to start and found a bunch of threads on the subject. Need to do my homework. Printed it for reference. Thanks to all who contributed to this topic...
  5. B

    Dirt Cheap Lighting - A Buyer's Guide

    As a semi-pro photographer, I think a lot of people stay away from lighting gear for a variety of reasons: Expensive Confusing Takes up a lot of room It's much easier to simply step outside and take photos in natural light. But what happens when the sun goes down? How about when the...
  6. phsv

    First pen photo session, please C&C

    Here is one of the photos from my first attempt at pen photography. I used two light sources for this image. One overhead video light giving a slight glow on the pen and using a bounced small hotshoe flash as the main fill light. I realized that I need to add more light to the button of the pen...
  7. Lenny

    Favorite iPad apps

    Like many others here I recently bought into the world of Apple's iPad, picking up the new iPad 3. So far I have really enjoyed it and have been exploring the many apps that are out there. Here are some of what I have found .... would love to hear what others have found useful. I will...
  8. butchf18a

    Improve your Pen Photos

    :usflag:I've been posting various links to help guide people in taking better pen photos. While they may not address pens specifically they all offer some excellent, useful information on how to take better pictures. So instead of multiple threads, I will post anything I find in this one, unless...
  9. butchf18a

    Improving photos videos good info
  10. butchf18a

    Excellent Book for Photographing Pen

    "A short course In Digital Desktop studio Photography. The complete guide to lighting and photographing small objects with your digital camera." Rick Ashley & Dennis Curtin. WOW!! Long title, but pretty much says all you need to know. While not specifically a 'pen photography' book, anything...
  11. CGW-WoodWorks

    Pen Turning in South Korea

    Hi Everyone, In my quest to become a better pen & pencil photographer I stumbled upon this site. Can't believe I didn't find it sooner. My Korean friend Cento is a fabulous craftsman with a new-found passion for pen turning. I'm an English teacher with a photography addiction. Together we...
  12. D

    Trying a different lighting approach..

    Ok well new lathe comes tomorrow, so figured I better get the light tent set back up and ready to use. So not using hot lights anymore, going the strobist route. What do you think? Other then using something else to hold it up, as I am getting a shadow on the pen from above.
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