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Jul 25, 2021
Dayton, OH
I think I may be more excited about the fact that I FINALLY figured out how to photograph these suckers than I am about the pen itself (especially with some blemishes in the finish). Granted the Walnut Burl is definitely pretty and one of the most figured woods I've turned so far. Nonetheless, every picture of my CA finished pens looks so untrue-to-life.
-Walnut Burl with CA finish on a Vertex Kit

Photography- a cardboard box with a giant piece of paper draped inside the box... Two side cutouts with tissue paper stretched across as the light defuser and two household lamps shining on either side. Total cost.... Free :).

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Beautiful pen! Looks great with the Vertex! That is probably one of my favorite kits personally. Also love the photography. Combining the pen with the box and the journal is great.
Beautiful pen and yes, great photography! Having a light box is so critical to producing good quality pics. I was lazy and bought one but I am glad that you were able to put one together with spectacular results!
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