Favorite iPad apps

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Jan 6, 2009
Searsport, Maine
Like many others here I recently bought into the world of Apple's iPad, picking up the new iPad 3. So far I have really enjoyed it and have been exploring the many apps that are out there. Here are some of what I have found .... would love to hear what others have found useful.

I will eventually look into Square, haven't yet.

I added Forum Runner but haven't seen a need to use it as the Safafri web browser seems to work fine ... What am I missing?

My list of useful apps so far:

1. Air Media Center ... access files over wi-fi, it will convert on the fly if needed.
2. Directv ... manage my dvr, watch some shows streaming live, but my favorite is the remote control which allows me to mess with the Mrs. ... changing the channel BACK to the ballgame when she has the regular remote! :biggrin:
3. CineTap for Netflix ... manage my Netflix queue and lookup movies or stream Netflix instant watch.
4. Facebook ... seems to work better than just using the Safari browser
5. Skype ... to talk with (and see) my son who lives in NYC
6. Google Earth ... just because it's soo cool
7. Craigslist ... instantly find those bargain tools available in the area!
8. Snapseed and ..
9. King Camera ... haven't played with these much yet but they look cool!
10. Wikipanion ...
11. Wi-Fi finder ... to find hotspots when traveling
12. Photo Soft Box Pro HD ... Thanks AlanZ (can't wait to play with this one)
13. Kindle ... makes your ipad a Kindle as far as Amazon is concerned
14. Adobe Photoshop Express
15. OnLive Desktop ... Gives you a Windows 7 desktop complete with full Office suite of tools and 2GB of cloud storage. I haven' used it yet, (not sure if I have a need), but if you do ... I read about it here ...

That's my list ... what have YOU found ? :)
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Staff member
Dec 5, 2003
Westlake, OH, USA.
TeamViewer for remote access to all the computers I use
GoodReader for PDF viewing
FileBrowser for access to network shared drives
OpenTable for restaurant reservations
Calculator Pro for number crunching
Newseum gives you the front pages of newspapers worldwide
DropBox for network file storage
ForumRunner for IAP access
AppleTV Remote to control that box
Photo Transfer to move photos between iPad and desktops


Dec 18, 2009
Oak Leaf, TX
iPad Apps

I use mine for a combination of work and please. I like the easy way I can keep my business email with me at all times. i pretty much limit my apps to the ones I can get free. Here are some I am using:
Fox News
Pen Forum
Yahoo Fantasy Football
You Version of the Bible (multiple translations available)

You will find that there is an app for just about anything you want to process, track, etc. That is one of the great advantages of the iPad over other similar devices.

I have found that I have much less need for using my laptop now that I have the iPad. I frequently take it to meetings so that i can stay in touch with my staff as well as use for note taking. Wth the rumored rlease of Microsoft Office for the iPad that is going to bring even more vesatility.


Jan 15, 2009
Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.
Here are my most used apps
Night Stand
Remote (for apple TV)

Words with Friends
Draw Something


Aug 30, 2009
Lebanon Indiana
I haven't really thought about mine in terms of favorite apps, but here's what what I've installed and use on occasion:

  1. Kindle app - Haven't purchased any books yet, but downloaded some free old classics to peruse.
  2. iBooks - Same as above, pluse have the iPad manual on hand
  3. Holy Bible - Really versatile, lots of different translations so you can compare, many eve read the text to you.
  4. Google App - It's cool to be able to speak my searches...
  5. Amazon App - but I like the website just as well
  6. Facebook app - pretty decent
  7. Twitter & Tweetcaster - Need to keep one and drop the other, about the same from my perspective
  8. MyPad - Can monitor Facebook and Twitter with one app, but it's got a lot I'll never use
  9. Gmail app - I sort of like the way this works with my Gmail accounts better than the main mail app, but the main mail app is GREAT for our corporate Exchange based email at work.
  10. Forum Runner - I'm getting used to it for keeping caught up while on the go, but it sometimes messes up photo displays. The website has it all as far as I can tell.
  11. Bank app - So I can check on the checking while on the run.
  12. Fidelity app - For watching the 401k all too much and trying to explain it to friends and family who don't have a clue.
  13. PayPal - I've got it, it notifies me when I get paid for an online sale, but really don't actively do much else in it. Again the website does it all.
  14. Square - The app is installed and account set up, but I haven't used it yet, but I'm ready!
  15. Photo Soft Box - Played with it and like it, but don't have a lot of time to dig into it.
  16. Top Camera - a nice alternative camera app (although the iPad 2 camera sux).
  17. FlickStaker - A great app for hooking into my Flickr account!
  18. Snapspeed - A nice photo editer I need to learn yet
  19. PaintFX - A nice app for applying special effects to your photos.
  20. Passwords Plus - I've used this app for almost a decade now, going back to my Treo days. It's an awesome way to log and keep track of all your login IDs and passwords for anything that requires and ID and password. and with customizable fields, it's very flexible.
  21. Calc Pro HD - A great calculator app, because I can't do it in my head very well :rolleyes:
  22. eBay app - A great way to show of my listings wherever I go.
  23. TALK FREE (MagicJack) - Here Ya go!!! - This hooks into the Magic jack account for my home so I can receive the calls (speakerphone style since I don't have a headset) wherever I go with the iPad. And if someone leaves a message, I can access it via the iPad as well!
  24. Penultimate - is a simple way to scribble notes by hand (finger) on your iPad and store them for future use. Kind of like and electronic napkin and more.
  25. Evernote - A Dropbox alternative that we use and work and is petty cool. I store something in it and it's then available on my home PC, iPad and work laptop, wherever I have the app installed and my account configured.
  26. Quickoffice - Allows you to not only view MS Office files but create and edit them too. I don't use it a lot, but the ability to do so when needed is reassuring. This is also an app I've used for years, since my Treo days.
  27. I also keep a few news and weather apps on the device in case I get bored :)
  28. One thing I don't have on mine is games. I used to be an online game addict back in the days of Quake2 and 3, so to ensure I don't get wrapped up in that and waste all the time I did back then, I just don't have any. I might eventually put a solitaire or Mahjong game on it, but no hurry.
  29. Salesforce.com app - Because I manage user accounts through work on it. And helps me be familiar with it.
  30. FileBrowser - Want to be able to access files stores on your server from the iPad, this will do it. I can browse the files on our Novell server at work as well as my Windows machine at home. Nice!
  31. LastPass Tab - This is a service that stores IDs and passwords to sites online and automatically logs you into them. The app hooks into your account and then provides the same function on your iPad. I'm leery to use this a lot, but it's cool. I actually use it more for certain web based apps I'm in at work all day long that keeps logging me out every 30 minutes. It speeds up the process of logging back in 10x.
OK, hows that list look Lenny?


Sep 1, 2008
Ito City, Shizuoka, Japan
I'm trying to get the Photo SoftBox Pro with the remote iphone app to jive but it's not working.. Great concept but no dice. Let me know if you get it working.

stitcher radio
Adam Carolla app

Also...Realracing 2HD is an awesome game on the new iPad.


Jan 6, 2009
Searsport, Maine
OK, hows that list look Lenny?

Some great stuff to check out there.... Thanks Dave!

Wth the rumored rlease of Microsoft Office for the iPad that is going to bring even more vesatility.

Jimmie, if you want Microsoft Office now, check out the OnLive Desktop app.

And Thanks to all the others who have posted.
I'm home sick for a few days so it'll give me something to do.:)


Dec 20, 2008
Crane, MO
Thanks Lenny! interesting apps posted. This is refreshing because on another forum if any Apple products are mentioned it is like poking a hornets nest with a stick -- you better run! That wood forum has many Apple Bashers but friendly people otherwise...


Jan 6, 2009
Searsport, Maine
Thanks Lenny! interesting apps posted. This is refreshing because on another forum if any Apple products are mentioned it is like poking a hornets nest with a stick -- you better run! That wood forum has many Apple Bashers but friendly people otherwise...

I agree, lots of stuff I want to check out ... which was just what I was hoping for with my initial post! :)

This is the first Apple product I have used since the Apple IIGS :biggrin:
I may have been one of those bashers in the past, feeling many of their products weren't worth the extra cost (which they do a pretty good job of controling) but with the iPad I think it's a little more money well spent! ... at least for now.:)


Dec 12, 2003
Blackfoot Idaho
No games? My favorite game for the iPad is Ticket To Ride

Let's see, I use IMDB a lot. Most of my other favorites have already been listed.

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