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  1. wrjones224

    Group Buy from PenKitsMall?

    Happy New Year to All! With it being the new year I am looking to stock up on some of my staple kits...Would anybody be interested in joining a group buy from PenKitsMall? The shipping price has raised and it's only really worth it to buy from them if we have greater quantities. If there is...
  2. K

    Turning A Modified Slimline

    I've posted a couple of these pens to my Instagram & Facebook feed and always had questions about the process. Since I have a YouTube channel I decided to make a video on the process. They're really simple to make once you know how! yzrpEF1Dojs
  3. A

    Help with ca finish

    I'm very new to pen turning, having recently completed my fourth pen. An ongoing issue that I am having is with my ca finishing. I use the lathe on its lowest rpm (500) to apply the ca. I drip about 3 or 4 drops while my paper towel is under the blank. Then I wait 1 or 2 minutes for it to dry. I...
  4. T

    Stepping up the game

    Hey all! I'm back with something a little more complex than a slim-line.:biggrin: With some luck I have actually stepped up my game a bit and made something worthy of the group at large here. It's still a long way from perfect, but it's better than anything I have done to this point. Thanks...
  5. T

    Penturning with metal inserts/segments

    Hi there! I have recently seen a number of pens with what appear to be metal inserts/segments and was trying to figure out how they were made? Were I to guess they would be made using the segmenting techniques with some sort of sheet metal like copper. Either that or someone would need to...
  6. D

    penmaking from ebony

    Hello, I am having a big problem keeping my pens made from ebony from cracking. I apply thin CA during the turning process and have used the combination CA glue finish and still have problems. I live in Denver where the air is much drier and thinner. Could that be the cause for my problem...
  7. Lenny

    New Pen Turning Book from our own Don Ward

    IAP member: it's_virgil, has been published. A life time of teaching others didn't end when this math teacher retired. Don Ward, through his website and many hands-on demonstrations, has helped many learn and refine the craft of turning pens. Now, after over a...
  8. I

    Man from Ireland

    Hi all,only new to the craft,hope you guys can help.
  9. R

    Drilling Acrylic Problem

    I'm a new pen turner and am branching out from wood to acrylic. I have found that when drilling a 10MM hole in an acrylic blank that the bottom is breaking out even when I go very slow. Any helpful hints? Thanks!
  10. spacebrandon

    beginner turner

    i have a few qustions that have been unanswered in the videos the I have seen here they are: Should I use a wax or cream/liquid polish? Do I need a sanding sealer? What is best for the beginner wood or acryilc:rolleyes:
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