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  1. wrjones224

    Just started TBC ...what am I doing wrong?

    So after 2 and half years of using a mandrel I have started to venture into TBC. Here is my setup. My first question is why is my live center getting destroyed like this? Am I tightening the tailstock too much. I have made about 15 pens like this and they turned out great. I do like TBC...
  2. williamwoodwrite

    William Wood-Write Exclusive Sale: EROS CALLIGRAPHY

    Our exclusive Eros Calligraphy set is on sale for the price of just the kit, until tomorrow at Pick it up for only $15.99CAD. Shipping worldwide.
  3. pens-alone.jpg


    Lever Action Pen with Bourbon Barrel Blank. Bourbon infused wax was used as a finish.
  4. D

    I need your help

    Good evening, I started woodworking back in 2008 after taking the first step of the USMLE while in medical school. My wife wanted crown molding installed in our first home. I didn’t even know what crown molding was not how to use a miter saw. That first project evolved to many projects to...
  5. P

    Look What I Did!

    Words are great, but now is the time to step up. You don't need me to tell you the value of this website. I am a short-timer, and I have received priceless advice from many members here. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that this migration will cost a lot of money, and our help is needed...
  6. P

    First Pen Stone blank

    I bought my first pen stone blank from penn state and plan on using the hourglass pen kit from pen state. I have a few questions about the pen stone. I also bought the right bits they recommended. 1. How hard is the stone to turn and what speed is recommended to turn it at. 2. When...
  7. F

    Spalted Tiger Oak Cigar Pen

    I used the ultra cigar pen kit and dressed it in Spalted Tiger Oak. Turned out nice. I also created a short YouTube video showing how I made this one. Hope to add more woodworking videos - mainly targeted toward beginners. Hope you enjoy!
  8. P

    Help Me Pick a Lathe, Please!

    Hello, all! My name is Parker, and I am new in the world of turning. I have been turning for a couple of months and have turned roughly 20-25 pens. I specifically like maple burl and deer antler. I also enjoy turning Olive Wood from Jerusalem because it gives me the opportunity to talk about...
  9. F

    Patriot Pen Thuya Burl

    Made this twist-style Patriot Pen using Thuya Burl. I love the color. This is also the first time I used the Aussie Oil Friction polish. I know it's not as durable as the CA finish, but it left a nice finish. I put on 3 layers and it went on easily.
  10. P

    Hello from the Chicagoland area

    Not sure why I got into woodworking. I used to rehab properties as an investor and the economy downturn sorta took me away from that. While I was perusing the internet one day, I ran into a site that showed a whole bunch of wine racks. Thought my wife might like one of those so I built one...
  11. seamus7227

    New Video on "Prepping the Snake skin"

    This video discusses how to remove the scale covers on a snakeskin for preparation of casting. Short video. All comments welcome! Prepping a snakeskin for casting
  12. seamus7227

    How to reduce air bubbles while snakeskin casting

    This is another quick video I shot that explains how I reduce the amount of air bubbles that are typically trapped under the pen tube while in the silicone mold. This application could be used for anything being cast I suppose, but it works great for my snakeskin blanks! All comments...
  13. spacebrandon

    Getting started

    What do you recommed for a starters at PSI (I'm only shopping at PSI) lathe, finishes, or pen starter sets.
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