maple burl

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  1. R

    First majestic

    I was a little intimidated by this kit because of the money I spent and the size of the drill bits I had to use. Oh and I only bought one blank with no spare tubes. Thankfully it came out well and it's gonna be a keeper for me. I'm proud of this one. It's maple burl double dyed red and blue...
  2. Dueyvan

    Manitoba Maple Burl

    two pens, two letter openers. Made from a couple pieces of wood that I was gifted. Gluboost finish and a bloody nose to go with the CA fumes.
  3. E

    First segmenting attempt

    A very good friend of mine just got engaged so I made him and his fiancée a set of matched pens as an engagement present. I’ve not attempted any segmenting prior to this and though there are a couple small defects (so small they don’t show up in pictures) I learned a lot and am happy enough with...
  4. Master Geppetto

    7" Diameter Hybrid Sphere

    Here is my latest project. Maple burl and Alumilite cast hybrid sphere. Enjoy!
  5. P

    Stabilization Help Question

    Hello - I am new to pen turning and Wood Stabilization - learning a lot from everyone here - Thank You! I have stabilized spalted pen blanks and noticed that at the beginning the wood floats and upon completion of the vacuum process the wood no longer floats it sinks to the bottom of the...
  6. AlisaBeth

    Hello from Washington State

    My name is AlisaBeth from Washington State. I'm a mother of two boys ages 18 and 25. When I found turning, I felt like I was coming home. So many new things to learn and so many ways to express yourself. This is a pen and letter opener set I made for my sister's graduation (Masters Degree)...
  7. N

    Maple burl stylus - first time sharing

    This is a maple burl stylus I was fairly happy with, and gave as a gift to friend who put my up for a few days on a trip back East. I started with the Slim Style Ballpoint Stylus from Woodcraft, but leave off the center band and basically use the proportions of a Euro pen for the middle. I've...
  8. rockb

    Rockbs stamp box "thingy".....

    Hi Guys, Here's a little project that's fun and easy to make. Emphasis on easy...I don't get along too well with tape measures, squares, 90 degree get the idea. Pic shows a couple when finished....more pics by following this link. Rockbs Western Woods - Home Look for the...
  9. Halfcaff

    Maple Burl Humidor

    This is the third humidor that I have made. The box is made out of birch ply and covered in maple burl veneer. It is lined with Spanish cedar. The finish is 15 coats of wipe on glossy poly sanded between the coats. As far as a humidor it is excellent. The seal is perfect. I have since added a...
  10. Halfcaff

    2 Razors: Amboyna and Maple

    These are my first 2 razors. They were a lot of fun to make. The maple burl is for my father-in-law for his birthday. The two-tone amboyna is for me! I have heard that using wood for a razor is risky because of the water. To try to prevent cracking I put about 8 coats of CA on the outside...
  11. Stick Rounder

    One Barron, One Jr. Gent...

    First let me say that is an honor being selected as the Feature Photo. These are two pens that I turned today, thought I would share them with you. The first is a Barron in Maple burl that I tried dying red, there are some red specks in the blank but the penetration obviously was not there. The...
  12. lacewood

    Maple Burl with Cigar Hybrid 18C

    After months of not having time to turn on my lathe, I finally turned a pen this afternoon! We received some new goodies this week and I couldn't resist making some sawdust. It's Maple Burl finished with Shellawax on a Cigar Hybrid 18C pen kit. Hopefully the background piece will turn into a...
  13. D

    Which do you prefer...Maple Burl or Curly Maple?

    Just wondering which of these two wood "feature" you find more appealing for pens. I originally was going to try general burl or curl but it would be tougher. Thanks
  14. M

    Jr. Majestic in Dyed Maple Burl

    Here are a few of picturs of a Jr. Majestic roller ball, made from maple burl I dyed blue while on the lathe. It's finished with CA and a light coat of carnuba wax. Jason
  15. M

    Modified Cambridge in Maple Burl

    This was the first time I tried a fully modified pen - it took me all of 11 hours to make and every minute was fun and frustrating at the same time! It has some flaws but I learned so much from making it that I hope to not repeat them. This, as the title says, is a modified Cambridge from...
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