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  1. CjG78

    Figured Cocobolo šŸ˜Ž

    G'day! Got a nice piece of cocobolo with some amazing figure recently. Just had to put it on a 22 k gold/ rhodium Majestic. I substituted the kit tubes for larger Statesman tubes, adding quite a bit more length to both cap and barrel to showcase more of this beautiful blank. 8 coats of med CA...
  2. CjG78

    Corvette fordite hybrid

    G'day! Recently purchased a few old corvette fordite blanks cast. I absolutely love how this looks on a black titanium majestic, suits it nicely I think! The grey blends so well with the fordite
  3. CjG78

    Honduras rosewood burl

    Purchased a few blanks from a fellow turner up north of this stunningly beautiful timber. Decided to go all out and put it on a PSI Magestic. It is my absolute favourite pen that I have ever made.
  4. CjG78


    G'day! Made this 'Majestic' fountain pen last night, rhodium plating and black titanium accents from PSI, which is now being stocked in Australia by Steve's Woodcraft. Quite exciting, we now have a great range of kits to try. This is a grand pen, massive! A lovely swarovski crystal embedded in...
  5. N

    Rollerball and engraved box

    A Majestic rollerball and box for a good friend.
  6. weasel1219

    Majestic with handmade box

    Majestic Pen dressed in Buffalo Horn and Whitetail Antler Cap with handmade mesquite pen box.:hammer::smile:
  7. weasel1219

    Majestic Pen

    Made this Majestic out of Padauk and antler, with matching Padauk box.
  8. jpford

    Black Titanium Majestic in Buckeye Burl

    Turned this today, had it for a while and couldn't decide on blank. Finally chose a stabilized Buckeye Burl from Barry Gross. Rather a subtle burl, but still turned out nice. :smile:
  9. rizaydog

    Resin Saver

    I am looking for a place to buy a resin saver for the Majestic and Majestic Jr. pens. I've seen them, but never a place to buy them. Anyone know where I might find them?
  10. D

    Montblanc rollerball refills in the Majestic kit

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I looked around and didn't see anything that described this process. Also, this is my first post. Hi! Recently, I started turning wood, and then discovered pen turning. I have made about 6 pens now and a couple days ago I decided to make one for my...
  11. Lenny

    HRB on a Majestic

    My first pen since early December. A Majestic fountain pen. This is a piece of Honduran Rosewood Burl I purchased from Johnm here on IAP. Thanks, John! Finished with several coats of thin CA, then med. CA. Micromeshed up through all grits, then polished with Novs2 and PlastX. Finally a...
  12. Lenny

    A pen for David McCullough

    Our company remodeled an old home for Pulitzer Prize winning author David McCullough a few years ago, and we continue to do projects for him from time to time. David and his wife Rosalee are two of the nicest people you would ever want to meet. I have a signed copy of "1776" that says ..."Master...
  13. phippsto

    My First PSI Majestic

    I started making pens back in the winter and this is my first Majestic. The wood is red oak that came from some old heirloom wood that I have on hand.
  14. C

    The (Majestic) made with corian.

    Hello All I actually made this pen some time ago and have had many chances to sell it.But it was my first one and just can't seem to let it go. The material is corian and is called pebble grey which has been discountinued.Let me know what you think. Thanks! JIM
  15. rsmith

    Alchemy Majestic

    I'll tell you, that Dawn lady can certainly work magic playing with her goo:wink: Bl Ti Majestic dressed in Alchemy from Exotic Blanks. I absolutely love all the blanks from this series, yet this is still one of my favorites. The depth is amazing, even though my terrible photos don't show it off...

    Help in removing the pimp crystal

    Has anyone had any success in removing the crystal from the Majestic? Don't want to scratch the clip so thought maybe soaking in acetone to loosen the glue.
  17. Halfcaff

    Lucky find

    I went for a hike in the woods of Jacksonville, TX and found a hackberry log that looked like it was spalted on the end. I took it home and dried it. After it was dry I cut it up into blanks and to my surprise it was crazy looking. So I made a Majestic out of one of the blanks. It was a...
  18. Halfcaff

    Amboyna Burl Majestic

    I was fortunate enough to find a large wedge of beautiful amboyna locally. It made some great pen blanks. It didn't have any sap wood around the outside though. This is one of the pens that I have made with it. This is a Majestic pen kit from Penn State. The amboyna was first sanded down to...
  19. rsmith

    Ebonite Majestic

    I needed a nice simple material to "tone down" the kit, this seemed to do the job fairly well, while still having a "nicer" blank to complement the components. Black Ebonite from Exotics (I just love their stuff, and unbelievable service:good:) and Black Ti Majestic. No finish, just MM to leave...
  20. WildcatHollow

    Cracks in finished polyester resin...

    The image below is from the near the top of a Majestic Series I finished a couple of days ago using an Golden Dawn PR from Exotic Blanks. I was using it to practice my photography, when I noticed what I thought was a blemish in the finish. Turned out it was several cracks near the end of the...
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