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  1. Q

    Longest single-body pen kit

    I’m looking to make a matching set of cedar pens that I don’t want to really segment. Do you have any recommendations on a non-segmented pen kit I could use? I’ve attached a picture of the ”book matched” blanks I hope to use. Cale
  2. Commander Shepard

    Kit recommendation & how to fix bad plating

    Good day, all, Some time ago, I picked up a pretty nice-looking FP kit (Prokraft's Byron Premium, claimed to be 24 Ct gold plated) and it's been working wonders for me (was used to cheap all-steel nibs), but a short while ago, I noticed that there were pretty noticeable scratches developing on...
  3. T

    Moving sale continued

    I found more kits, blanks, fountain nibs, supplies, extras. Blanks are exceptional rosewood burl, large highly figured walnut and spalted (maple?) Must go! Large flat rate box. $100 +$25 shipping continental US only. Thanks for looking
  4. wrjones224

    Sale: Bulk Bottle chrome basic bottle opener & Gold stylus kit

    I want to put this out there for members to be aware of a potential scam. I was recently approached by someone who claimed to be a part of a marketplace in The Faroe Islands. This scammer said they wanted to make a bulk order purchase of pens/stylus/bottle openers to resell in their market. What...
  5. Phixius

    Pen Component/Kits

    I’m sure this will garnish several opinions but that’s ok I need options. Sadly my story is little different than others but proably has some similarities. I’m 49 year old disabled man, who has bad days and just awful days constant pain just depends on severity. I got into pen turning as I...
  6. P

    The Vertex supreme roller & fountain pen kit

    I was looking at this kit its the Vertex Supreme roller & fountain pen kit from penn state industries and was looking into working on this later in the week when its warmer. The diagram shows the ink pump a rollester ink, also the kit comes with a cartridge that you can stick on their...
  7. G

    Pen Families

    Are there families of kits that use the same bushings and/or tubes? Seems like it would be nice to be able to tube and turn blanks then let a potential buyer decide which kit they want. I've tried to look at the Bushings and Tube Reference chart but there is so much there I'm having a hard time...
  8. P

    First Pen Stone blank

    I bought my first pen stone blank from penn state and plan on using the hourglass pen kit from pen state. I have a few questions about the pen stone. I also bought the right bits they recommended. 1. How hard is the stone to turn and what speed is recommended to turn it at. 2. When...
  9. kaydubya

    Earring kits

    I know, earrings are not pens and this is the penturning forum, but it's more akin to penturning than 'other things we make'! Does anyone know if there is such a kit available anywhere? Or would the best way be to use a couple of key-ring kits and replace the actual ring part with earring...
  10. S

    Pen kit sourcing

    My dad has some walnut that he salvaged from the remodel of his office because do sentimental value. He has asked metro make him a pen/pencil set for I'm out of the salvaged wood. Here is the hard part. He wants a pencil, ballpoint, rollerball and fountain pen that match. I can only find 3...
  11. I

    Gatsby v's Sierra

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the Gatsby and Sierra pen kits.Do they take the same bushings?Which is the best kit and also the best seller?
  12. GaryMGg

    Donations needed for ServicePens maker

    Ladies and Gentlemen, As many of you know, I run the ServicePens program: One of the individuals who has been making pens is retired and on a fixed income. To date, he has personally made more than 130 pens and donated them for...
  13. W

    Bushing Sizing across the brands

    I was wondering if anyone had compiled a list of bushing sizes across the different brands for he same type pen kits? I.e. Monet & Gatsby.. I purchase the same pens (with different names) from diffrent suppliers but don't want to buy (or keep track of) multiple sets of bushings. And, before...
  14. W


    Hi everybody. I'm new to the IAP and have turned several pens as a hobby, mostly for fun or for gifts. Currently I am getting the woodcraft pen kits at the nearest woodworking store, but the parts in the kits don't seem very good. The cartridges are not very good, things rarely fit snugly and...
  15. F

    Slimline with Parker refill

    The Slimline kits seem to be the most flexible to make a variety of customized pens. They use a cross refill, I like the Parker pens because I can use gel refills. The pen feels better with a gel refill. Is there an equivalent to the Slimline with a Parker mechanism? I have not posted...
  16. timberbits

    Birds eye Huon Pine JR Emperor

    On my last visit to Taiwan, I stopped by Dayacom's office to inspect the new Australiana series pens that was being made for me. During the visit, I was asked by Dayacom to make some pens for them with Australian timbers so that they could display it in their offices and maybe on their website...
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