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  1. bvcreates

    My first two kitless/bespoke fountain pens

    Just finished up with my first three kitless pens. The first was the prototype so it's not worth showing here but the second and third turned out ok, I think. I made my own alumilite blanks and turned them on my smallish Rikon wood lathe using Easy Wood Tools negative rake cutters (they are...
  2. A

    Kitless/Bespoke blanks

    I have a few kitless pen blanks made with alumilite clear slow resin cast in a bespoke mold from ptownsubbie. They range from translucent to transparent with swirls. These are excellent demonstrator fountain pens, asking $15 each plus priority shipping. If you're interested in more pictures...
  3. Racer3770


    Thank you for taking the time to check out our new vendor forum on the IAP! My brother and I started making pens in 2013 after our grandfather wanted to try his hand at working on a lathe. The Pensmiths was born when we started experimenting with our own custom blanks. We specialize in quality...
  4. spindlecraft

    How to get space behind threads on kitless pens

    Friends, I find myself struggling to add space behind the body’s threads where it will work with a cap. (see attached images) Naturally, it’s not difficult for me to simply turn down extra material behind the threads, but when I go to put the cap on, the cap wants to stop twisting as it...
  5. spindlecraft

    Finished this guy up yesterday

    Kindly ignore the dirty threads. I still need to wipe it down. But this was a pen that I started and finished yesterday afternoon. This one marks my second completed kitless pen, and while still not perfect, proved to be yet another learning experience. I accidentally snapped the threads of...
  6. spindlecraft

    Welp - here she is. My FIRST completed kitless pen.

    After approximately 15 failed attempts, and a lot of help from you fine folks, I finally was able to finish my first kitless pen this afternoon. Feedback and critiques are of course welcome. I am gonna churn a few more out I think before I start venturing into clips and accent rings...
  7. D

    In-depth study on making bespoke pen clips?

    There is a couple of reference guides here and a couple of YouTube vids out on making clips but besides that,I don’t see much. I see Castro has a great vid on turning 50 cal brass into clips but is there a place I can go to learn how to make these things from scratch like cutting and bending...
  8. P

    My bash kitless entry

    Greetings Here is my Birthday Bash entry. I started designing in November and barely made the Feb. cutoff. Counting my previous Bash entry I made four pens in a year. Three kitless and a one kit. I gotta get faster at making pens! The pen is a syringe piston filler. I used two o-rings as the...
  9. D

    Triple tap and die set? Group buy?

    So, I want to transition from kit pens to kitless fountain pens. I need triple or double tap and die sets. Turners Warehouse is out of several sizes. Is there another place I’m missing in the states to buy these things? I hear about group buys? Just curious on how these work as well. And is...
  10. NT_2112

    Please review and offer feedback regarding threading and tapping issue

    Hi all. This is a great site for a newbie like me, a big thank you to all the members. I'm running into an issue joining a kitless pen cap and a pen body. I made my own mandrel, as shown below. I plan to use it to hold the pen body and pen cap when I shape them on the lathe. I used a...
  11. darrin1200

    FP in Tasmanian Myrtle Burl

    I haven't post anything for a while. This was my latest creation submitted to the PAG Best in Show 2019. Now that the competition is over, I can post photos. This is my largest pen so far, at 15.8mm body and an 11.5mm cap. The material is Tasmanian Myrtle Burl with Japanese Ebonite and Bronze...
  12. Gregory Hardy

    Fitting Rings

    Hi, folks. I am looking for some entry-level guidance. I want to learn more about fitting rings on bodies and caps of kitless pens. I have ideas of how one "might" do it. I'm just not willing to entirely reinvent the wheel today. Any help/advice/suggestions would be greatly appreciated...
  13. Racer3770

    My First Kitless

    First things first: A huge shout out to MRedburn! I messaged him with several questions and he was incredibly helpful. Thanks again! This is my first attempt at a kitless pen. I made the blank using alumilite and pearl ex powders. The nib is a #6 Jowo stub from Meisternibs. I used a 9MM X...
  14. S

    Getting into kitless fountain pens

    I would like to get into kitless Fountain pens, could anyone help me with what exactly I need for the whole process? What materials would you recommend? Tips on making the pen would be helpful too. Thank you in advance - Sebastian
  15. C

    First Bulb Filler Kitless Fountain pen

    Hello everyone, I got quite comfortable making kit less and decided i wanted to make something other than a cartridge converter pen. I had this Butterscotch acrylic laying around and ended up making this pen. Pen works well and fills smoothly. Holds right at 3ml of ink so it has a very large...
  16. C

    Another Kitless, Alumilite Lava Explosion #03

    Just finished this one up last night. Was going to keep it but going to part with it! #6 Jowo 1.1 stub nib writes great!
  17. budnder

    First Kitless

    Well, it's my first if I don't count a few aborts trying to figure out the process.. :smile: Body is a alumilite water clear with Mica powder swirled in and cast in a PVC tube. Section is Delrin. I filled the divots from turning between centers on each end with red epoxy. Nib is a #5 Jowo...
  18. C

    Collet chuck versus jawed chuck

    Hello everyone, I am interested in getting some opinions on advanced pen making specific to if purchasing a good collet chuck, similar to a Beall or a PSI, versus a jawed chuck like a Nova G3. This will be a dedicated set up on a smaller lathe for making fountain pens without the use of...
  19. JPMcConnel

    Custom Kitless Pens in Purple and Gold Flexigran

    It had been a while since I posted pictures of fountain pens I have completed. This pair is done in purple and gold Flexigran, but different in style. Neither pen has a clip because clips were not desired. On the smaller pen with the rounded finials, I worked with Bob Dupras to come up with a...
  20. JPMcConnel

    Kitless Fountain Pen in in Red Cumberland Ebonite w/ Black Finials

    Ebonite is a classic material for fountain pens. I decided to make a rather conservative style pen, using red cumberland with black ebonite finials, to see how well it turned out from a color perspective. I liked it so much I have since acquired Japanese cumberland in reddish pink, straw color...
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