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    What is this wood???

    Can anyone identify this wood: A friend of mine cut it in south Alabama. It has little knobs all over it and some of the knobs have sharp brier 'pookies' on them. There is a very thin green layer under the bark. I have it drying now but didn't want to turn it until I know if it's poisonous...
  2. R

    Celtic w/Green Poplar

    Got in a couple of Celtic kits from PSI and I knew just the wood to use. A while ago, I picked up a piece of mystery lumber from a friend's farm near Red Boiling Springs, TN and it tuned out to be poplar. I have no idea how old it is, probably at least the middle of the 1900's. Even though the...
  3. G

    can Lignum vitae be accelerated to Green?

    Hello all, I have a customer wanting a pen from Lignum vitae, However she wants it Green like the blank is NOW after sitting on my shelf for a long while and who knows howlong sitting around before i aquired the blank. I can find very little on the web for suggestions or methods to...
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