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  1. dcameraman

    Peach and Green Jasper on a DuraClick

    Pale peach and green jasper. Polished up really nicely! Thanks for looking!
  2. dcameraman

    Green and Maroon Jasper DuraClick

    This stone has been amazing to work with. It has given me quite the variety, from mostly green to mostly maroon ( it is almost purple ) and all the variations in between. Pen kit is a DuraClick. Thanks for looking!
  3. R

    Celtic w/Green Poplar

    Got in a couple of Celtic kits from PSI and I knew just the wood to use. A while ago, I picked up a piece of mystery lumber from a friend's farm near Red Boiling Springs, TN and it tuned out to be poplar. I have no idea how old it is, probably at least the middle of the 1900's. Even though the...
  4. G

    can Lignum vitae be accelerated to Green?

    Hello all, I have a customer wanting a pen from Lignum vitae, However she wants it Green like the blank is NOW after sitting on my shelf for a long while and who knows howlong sitting around before i aquired the blank. I can find very little on the web for suggestions or methods to...
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