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    alt. jade on gold atrax
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    Kitless Fountain pens from South Africa

    About seven years ago my best friend came to me and said he wants to make luxury pens. I told him I have no idea how to go about doing it. About three years ago I made a number of oblique pen holders, but sales petered out and I lost interest. In September I decided to have a go at making a...
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    Replacing nibs on Fountain pen kits

    I'm new to pen turning and turning in general, but I got into pen turning and enjoy it a lot. I want to start making fountain pens but I'm not sure how great the nibs are. Am I able to replace the nib and how do I found what nibs are compatible with the pen kit I want? This is the pen kit that I...
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    Hello from Baltimore, Maryland

    Hi, I have been a longtime fountain pen collector and have been interested in turning and making my own. I just received a lathe to turn my own and I have NO idea where to start. I would also like to find someone or a group of people in the area to learn from! Sue Knause
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    Top 3 Fountain Pen Kits under $25

    If you could only work with three kits for fountain pens, which would they be and who (which vendor) would you buy them from? Just to keep things from getting too expensive, let's say less than $25 per kit (ignoring shipping). Thanks in advance for your answers - I am trying to learn about...
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    Fountain Pen Findings

    I'm a noob to this forum and I'm not very skilled in navigating a forum. I do have a question about fountain pen kits and findings. I have looked at a number of providers for kits and so far have seen that a lot of the findings are plated which is not a surprise. What I'm not sure of is the...
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