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Jan 22, 2015
Apple Valley, MN
I'm a noob to this forum and I'm not very skilled in navigating a forum. I do have a question about fountain pen kits and findings. I have looked at a number of providers for kits and so far have seen that a lot of the findings are plated which is not a surprise. What I'm not sure of is the quality of the plating for the findings. Is there a "better" plated finding out there or are they all the same? I'm guessing the kits are all basically the same, a brass tube that gets glued into the blank and then turned and finished. I feel that the quality of the findings and the quality of the nib will make you or break you.


Mar 9, 2006
Reynoldsburg, Ohio, USA.
Welcome from Ohio.:)

The best available platings are rhodium and titanium, chrome wears best after those. I don't use 10k gold, 24k gold, or other platings because, in my experience, they don't wear well. There is a company that makes solid stainless steel pen kits here in the US. And a guy that makes pen parts out of sterling silver, or even solid gold, if you want extra special pens.

There are three mail pen component-making companies - Berea Hardwoods, Craft Supplies USA and Penn State Industries. Most of the kits available in the market are from those main suppliers, though there are a growing number of kits available from producers outside that group.

Some pen kit nibs are of decent quality, most of them are replaceable with custom nibs - Bock and JoWo are high quality nib makers.

There are lots of choices of hardware from lots of vendors and it takes a while to get a handle on what is on the market.

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