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  1. D

    Help Applying CA over contours and V cuts

    So I have been trying to put some contours and V cut details into my turnings. On any turnings that are straight, its easy to apply CA and everything goes smooth. When there is any shape at all, I usually have to apply the CA in two or three parts and I get overlapping, if I have a small V cut...
  2. D

    Finishing for rookies

    I am getting ready to make my fist pen today and I am still unsure about the finishing process. I read a ton of posts already and I think I am going to follow the steps below. I have seen some people recommend using pastewax after the one step polish, what does that actually do? 1. sand up to...
  3. W

    White Spots showing up days after finishing

    Hey all! Like the title says, I am having issues with white spots a few days after finishing, but only on two pens so far. It hasn't shown up on any others that I can see. I am using the StickFast CA finishing kit. I was told yesterday by a friend that he doesn't use StickFast because it has...
  4. W

    A few newb questions about finishing (CA/BLO and MM)

    I've had a lot of luck with the CA/BLO finish, but I may start looking into different things to just try different methods since I'm new to all this. My first question deals with something that looks like 0000000000s down the pen after finishing. It doesn't do it on every pen, but it's been...
  5. J

    White decals vs. Clear Decals

    Has anyone used the white decal paper? I have been trying to do a logo on a black pen body but the clear decals wash out, so I tried to use the white which print nice; however, when I cut them I get a white edge where the scissors cut. Any thoughts on this?
  6. T

    How to...

    Hey all. I have a problem, and am hoping that someone here has run across it and fixed it at one point or another. I'm still a mandrel turner (can't afford to replace my stock with TBC bushings). :mad: ANYWAY...My issue is with CA finishes. I'm trying to figure out how to take the blank...
  7. S

    What is a good finisher for wood pens?

    Hooray, I did it. I finished my first pen and assembled it. Now I want to apply a good finish to it. I am confused with all the different types of finishing compounds. What is best to use?
  8. G

    Pen Finishes

    I'm new to pen turning and have a lot to learn. The one question I have is when I finish my pen I sand it to 600 and use EEE and than the CA and I last use Novus should that work for a nice finish that will last THANKS for all your help GPJ
  9. D

    lacquer over acrylic?

    Hello, I have a quick question that I have not yet been able to find an answer for. I have recently started making segmented pen blanks. Several of them have a segmented pieces of acrylic blanks. My question is if there are any issues with applying a lacquer finish over a mostly wood pen blank...
  10. T

    Help on finishing please

    I have the attached bottle stopper, got it in a bag of 10 assorted blanks. I'm not sure what it is, maybe stabilized wood? anyway there are some holes in it. I've used CA to finish pens as well as the Brown and White Hutt wax sticks (sorry can't remember their name). I'm worried about...
  11. C

    Hello from Culloden, WV

    Will I follow orders - Jeff's intro email direct new members to this forum & ask them to do their first post. I have turned 3 wood pens and enjoyed doing it ... My technique is very crude but I'm working on it. Have a used Jet mini lathe - the one that requires you to change belts for...
  12. C

    What can you tell me about Euro Varnish

    Is euro varnish a good finish for turned wood items...specifically pens and turned coffee travel mugs w/ steel inserts? Any info/ insight appreciated!
  13. C

    Finishing Carbon Fiber Pen?

    I've just turned a carbon fiber pen blank and I cant polish it to a high gloss finish as I usually do for the life of me. I had some dificulties turning it so i needed to sand it down alot, so i started 150 grit and worked up through 800. I then finished it using a full set of Micro Mesh and...
  14. Ardy

    Hello from Canada

    Hello - I have been turning pens, stoppers, key chains and a few other small items for a little over a year. I've sold most at local craft fairs or a couple gift shops which pleases me :). I am always looking for sources for new blanks. I prefer (because my buyers seem to) laminated colorful...
  15. G

    Finishing with Poly

    I have several pendants which I'm in the process of finishing by dipping them in polyeurethane. I was wondering if anyone knew how many coats should be applied in order to properly protect the pendant? (Currently on coat 3). Also is poly enough for something that will be handled a lot...
  16. rkimery

    How long will it last?

    I have been on the forum for over a year now. This is also my first post, so be kind. :smile: Maybe this is posted somewhere, but I haven't found it on here yet. If this is the case, please point me in the right direction..Thanks. My question is this: How long will it last in the bottle or...
  17. B

    Crack'n a perfect blank

    So you go through all of the work to get your blank perfect. TBC, Sand, Micro Mesh, multiple coats CA, sand, and polish. Now the critical step comes to get the fricken bushings off the beautifully finished blank and although you take great care, your CA finish cracks and the CA on the bushings...
  18. T

    Other Finishing Methods

    Besides CA glue, what kind of finishing does everyone else use? Follow us on facebook ______________________________________________ ______________________________________________
  19. Lenny

    Monty/Mannie CA glue service

    I have been buying my CA glue locally in small bottles and decided it was time to purchase it in a more economical size. Having heard about Mannie (member Monty) I decided to place an order with him. I've always had great luck ordering from members here! Placed my order LATE Friday night...
  20. Seer

    Then & Now

    Well after a year and using a friction finish for the first 3 months and then learning CA/BLO then straight CA I am convinced that for me straight CA is the only way to go. I have been taking apart all my old slims and sanding off the wax and redoing them in CA and the difference is just...
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