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  1. Mr Vic

    RESULTS Winners of the 2022 BIRTHDAY BASH - Youth Pen Making Contest

    Once again, this year, all contestants did an outstanding job! Parents and mentors have a good reason to be Proud! In 3rd place is Entry #6 "For my hero, my Dad." made Hannah Rengo, age 10 daughter of Rick Holihan Username: More Grumpy Hannah wins a BOB from napagibb (Steve Gibbons}...
  2. Mr Vic

    VOTE 2022 Birthday BASH – Youth Pen Making Contest Vote

    Seven entries this year. Please VOTE for your favorite! Poll closes at midnight February 25th. Entry #1 Title: Dyed Peppercorn Description: My neighbor's daughter made this pen herself and tried a CA finish for the first time. My role was only in an advisory capacity only with an absolute...
  3. darrin1200


    I am proud to announce that 2022 Kitless Contest has received the first 2022 Birthday Bash contest entry. “just shows which contest is best”;) I’ll just say, it is a stunner. But I know there is a lot of new competitors out there this year just waiting to get into the 2022 Kitless Contest So...
  4. Mr Vic

    Birthday Bash 2022 Youth Contest Poll

    Looks like I'll be running the Youth Contest/s for the 2022 Birthday Bash. I'm trying to gauge interest to decide if we'll have one or break it into two. Let me know if you have a youth or youths who'll be entering. Age is determined by the youngster's age on February 1, 2022.
  5. MRDucks2

    2019 Pretty Resin Pen Contest

    Pretty Resin Pen Contest Rules The Pretty Resin Pen Contest is new for 2019 and is not intended to compete with the Slim Line Contest, Advanced Casting Contest or the Segmented Pen Contest. The goal for this contest is for the resin to be the star, which includes those additives which enhance...
  6. MRDucks2

    Test Poll #3

    One more shot before I check with the bosses on how it works. Goal is for single selection, not visible on the results. I have one more button to click.
  7. MRDucks2

    Poll Test #2 Pretty Resin Pen Contest

    We will try a single selection with hidden results for this test.
  8. MRDucks2

    Pretty Resin Pen Poll

    This is a test of the Polling process for the IAP Website
  9. MRDucks2

    PRETTY RESIN PEN Contest Rules

    Final contest Rules will be posted immediately prior to the start of the BASH with the established email for submission and the prizes. Any final changes will be noted at that time. Pretty Resin Pen Contest Rules The Pretty Resin Pen Contest is new for 2019 and is not intended to compete...
  10. ldb2000

    The Russ Fairfield Memorial Challenge

    Introduction to the First Annual Russ Fairfield Challenge by Scott Greaves (Scott) ; I have been asked to introduce the Russ Fairfield Challenge. This is a new contest for the IAP Birthday Bash this year, and it is intended to honor our friend and mentor, Russ Fairfield, who passed away...
  11. MesquiteMan

    Introducing: The 2009 IAP Photo Challenge **Now Accepting Submissions!**

    2009 Photo Challenge Whether photography is your passion, your hobby, or just a necessary evil to showcase your pens, we invite you to participate in our 2009 International Association of Penturners Photo Challenge, celebrating the IAP’s 5th anniversary! All IAP members are welcome to...
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