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    Having issues with Castin'Craft Clear Polyester Casting Resin. Five weeks ago I purchased my first tin and when I opened it, it was solid. Took it back to Michael's and they gave me a replacement one. Open it tonight and the same problem, gonna take it back tomorrow an try again. Anyone...
  2. Lenny

    One from my most recent cast

    Turned this today from one of my recent casts. Chrome Anelli Comments and criticism welcome. :smile:
  3. Lenny

    Leftovers once again

    Another surprise from a leftover PR pour. The leftover resin was poured into a pvc pipe. It wasn't long enough for a full length pen so I added a comfort grip. You just never know what lies waiting underneath an otherwise plain looking pr rod. :smile:
  4. Lenny

    Casting is like a box of chocolates

    With apologies to Forest Gump .... you just never know what you are going to get when you cast PR. Having done a cast using four different colors, I ended up with a little bit of three colors left over. I keep some pvc tubes ready for the extra. The rod on top is the same as the one used on the...
  5. Lenny

    Repeat after me: Recycle Code 5

    Once I discovered the temperature had reached the 50's today I decided to try and do another cast, my 6th. A few weeks ago my wonderful wife, in an effort to help, had picked up some plastic cups. Now I had been made aware of the problems with using recycle code 6 plastic by PenMan1, but I...
  6. Lenny

    Another El Grande rollerball pen from PR casting

    Here's another El Grande rollerball made from one of my cast blanks from last weekend. This was the one that the first color setup before I could add the bronze.:rolleyes: You can see in a few places where I tried to stab the stick into the green to allow the bronze to penetrate a little.:wink...
  7. Lenny

    A couple from my weekend casts

    Here are a couple pens featuring blanks that I cast this past weekend. I had a very hard time getting any kind of decent photo .... I know purple is a very difficult color to capture but I had just as much trouble with the blue/green Elegant Beauty...:confused: I'm pretty happy with the...
  8. Lenny

    PR casts 3,4 and 5 today

    Got a day above 50 degress ... barely .... so I did some more casting. I'n not sure how I feel about the results yet .... I think I will withhold judgement until I have rounded a few over to see what's inside. :smile:
  9. Lenny

    Saturn from Leftover PR

    When I made my initial casting I didn't mix up enough extra resin to allow for what sticks to the cup, stirring stick, gloves, :biggrin:, etc. So when I made my second pour I made sure I had enough of the final color.... I poured it in a 3/4" pipe and an old vitamin bottle. The second one was...
  10. Lenny

    El Grande fountain pen from my second PR cast

    I got a request for a fountain pen using a blank from my second PR casting. Made this one today. It's a platinum El Grande Streamline.
  11. M

    Suggested Vacuum and Pressure rating

    I am starting out in casting world. How much is a good vacuum to pull in a small vacuum pot. Same goes for pressure in a pressure pot; how much pressure is good enough? Thanks Munawar
  12. Lenny

    Pen from my first PR cast

    Here's my first pen made from my own pr casting.
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