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  1. Woodchipper

    Replacement for ruined part?

    I goofed big time. I was assembling a Woodcraft cartridge pen, P/N 151303. Following the instructions (77C73) for the click pen, I inserted the small tube "F" into the Clip Retainer as instructed. Anyway, it went in crooked, bent and now I have a good supply of spare parts. I was in WC this week...
  2. Woodchipper

    Inserting a small part into a finial

    Let me be more precise here. I'm assembling a cartridge bullet click pen from WC, #151303. The instructions say to insert a small tube into the clip/retainer/cap assembly. There is to be 9/16 inch left in the assembly. I have the tube almost in with about i/32 left to go. My pen press has a...
  3. P

    The Vertex supreme roller & fountain pen kit

    I was looking at this kit its the Vertex Supreme roller & fountain pen kit from penn state industries and was looking into working on this later in the week when its warmer. The diagram shows the ink pump a rollester ink, also the kit comes with a cartridge that you can stick on their...
  4. Woodchipper

    General comment

    I just finished looking at the new posts and was trying to figure out what to do before starting on a pen blank I glued up this morning. I went to the Library "What's New" and clicked on it. I found a trainload of great material. I was particularly interested in the gluing of Corian and the...
  5. denniszoomy

    USAF cartridge

    USAF cartridge with a buckeye burl top. CNCed by Fred Wissen.
  6. I

    who has cartridge pen kit available

    I'm looking for some cartridge pen kits, the real ones, to pair with antler for Christmas gifts. If you are a provider of such, please post or send me a PM. I'll pay via paypal or trade for corn cob blanks. Speedy delivery is a must. Thanks, Tim McGill
  7. DonFaulk0517

    Cartridge Bullet Pen Woods

    Many of you make cartridge bullet pens... what type of wood is the best looking for the pen? I was thinking Kingwood or Bloodwood, but would like to know what is the best looking. Thanks for any help.
  8. seamus7227

    30-06 Tru-shell Nickel plated (Trademark pending)

    This is a 30-06 Win. nickel plated shell casing w/ a Prairie rattlesnake skin cast in resin. I turned the resin to appear wavy like a snake in motion, gave it my first at the recessed clip, and tried to cast the two-button rattler in resin for the finial. Problem was, there were a few bubbles...
  9. SDB777

    A few of todays offerings

    Cartridge pens are pretty quickly done, after all you only have half a pen to make.... 1st one for today! Spalted Hackberry on a 308 Cartridge Click Pen 2nd one for today!! Eastern Red Cedar on a 308 Cartridge Click Pen 3rd one for today!!! Eastern Red Cedar on a 308 Cartridge Click Pen...
  10. Rifleman1776

    different for me cartridge pen

    This cartridge pen is a different critter for me. It is based on a .308 cartridge instead of a 30-06 because I think the proportions are more attractive than with the longer bottom of a 30-06. Also, this is turned with stabilized buckeye burl. Usually, us Bambi murderers like to use, and have...
  11. SDB777

    Pine cone cartridge.....whew!

    Finally got the 'nerve up' to do this. Guess it was a confidence thing about using the skew for so much of the turning? Anyway.... 308 Cartridge with Afghan Pine Cone As always comments/critiques are very welcome! And thanks for looking!!!! Scott (skew all day) B
  12. maxman400

    Alumilite Cuffs and .45's on a cigar

    This was one of those "Can you do this for me" EXPERIMENT. The bottom is a .45 Long Colt and a .45 ACP stacked on top. The top tube is chemically darkened and has what was two pair of hand cuff ear rings attached to it and then cast in Alumilite using Charlies (newlondon88)resin saving mold. One...
  13. ldb2000

    My First Cartridge pen

    This is a 308 Cartridge pen made with Paua Abalone shell cast in PR . It was made for the Cartridge pen contest . It has Red , White and Blue , along with some silver and purple and gold and ... I'm quite pleased about this one , it gives the cartridge pen some "Elegance" . I'm not as happy...
  14. juteck

    Casting deer hair - How to Question ????

    I just had a request to commission a story pen, based on a bullet/cartridge pen construction. The person insterested in commissioning me is a self-proclaimed "good" hunter, whereas his hunting buddy supposedly lacks those same aiming skills. The good hunter wants this pen to tell a story about...
  15. juteck

    Old and New - a few pen pics to get started

    After a few posts and an introduction, I took some pictures this weekend of some of my pens. This slimline is birdseye maple, although I took the wrong view and you really can't see the birdseyes. I've been using this pen almost daily for the past 5 years. The original finish was probably tung...
  16. jp_white

    First Cartridge/Antler with Decal

    First attempt at using photoshop to simulate scrimshaw with decal. Slimline kit with .308 cartridge and euro finial. Antler with decal on top. Drilled out cartridge and custom fit wood/tube in the bottom. Picture is terrible.... taken on the hood of the car before I gave this to a friend in...
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