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  1. ranchonodinero

    El Grande Pen kits and bushing set-assorted gold, chrome, platinum

    18 total pen kits, a few extra tubes, bushing set. What you see is what you get. 5 gold rollerball, 4 chrome rollerball, 5 platinums and 4 gold ball points. $90 shipped USPS flat rate Conus. Paypal.
  2. K

    Happy Friday & Nice to Meet Ya!

    I'm new to pen turning and thrilled to find this group! I stumbled across it while looking for cross references for bushings. I'm going to do some poking around the site for a cross reference but if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!
  3. Woodchipper

    Turning between centers in progress

    I have some pens for the juried museum showcase mentioned in another thread. Some of the pens are without bushings so I had to learn real fast. Had some spacers and turned them down put them on a mandrel with the Slimline bushing between them as a guide along with calipers plus fitting to the...
  4. ramaroodle

    Library correction??

    FYI - Confusing but...The Rockler Manhattan Elegant kit #46997 is the same as the Rockler Sierra Vista kit with bushings measuring .551 & .523 In the app the instructions for the Manhattan Elegant are a copy of the regular Manhattan kit #47863. The regular Manhattan takes the same bushings...
  5. ramaroodle

    Bushing cross reference?

    I have the app and lists but I am wondering if there is a published cross-reference of which kits use the same bushings (if that makes sense). In other words, now that I have amassed over 20 bushing sets I am wondering if there is a list of pen kits that all take the same size bushing. If I...
  6. P

    Pen Kit Bushings and Tubes

    I found on this forum a document called "Pen Kit Bushings and Tubes" It lists pen kit suppliers, part numbers, bushing and tubes sizes. It is a great document and was created by W Racinowski back in 2010 but is not complete. I can't locate a current or completed document. Does anyone know...
  7. I

    Gatsby v's Sierra

    Can anyone tell me what is the difference between the Gatsby and Sierra pen kits.Do they take the same bushings?Which is the best kit and also the best seller?
  8. I

    Bushing storage

    Being a relatively new pen turner I am collecting quite a few different sets of bushings. I was looking for ideas or tips on how fellow turners organize or store their sets of bushing?
  9. W

    Bushing Sizing across the brands

    I was wondering if anyone had compiled a list of bushing sizes across the different brands for he same type pen kits? I.e. Monet & Gatsby.. I purchase the same pens (with different names) from diffrent suppliers but don't want to buy (or keep track of) multiple sets of bushings. And, before...
  10. Lenny

    Roman Harvest bushings?

    I have seen mention of the fact that Berea Cambridge bushings will not work with the Timberbits Roman Harvest version of that kit .... Can anyone confirm that, one way or the other? :confused: I have a couple RH fountain pens ordered and ASSumed I could use my existing bushings. :frown...
  11. A

    More Specs on Stoppers......

    because this worked so well last time..... i am wondering if anyone can tell me the dimensions of the bushings for the gear shift stopper from PSI? thanks
  12. A

    CA finish and bushings

    Newbie here, but I've done about 10 CA finishes so far. I haven't yet tried the BLO step, but I will. Instead, I've used a spray accelerator. My question, when removing the bushings from the completed blank (with the CA finish applied) it is necessary to "break" the bushings off of the...
  13. D

    Bushings for Pencil Kits

    Hi: Sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong place. Not totally familiar with the forum software yet and the protocol. Anyway, I got a set of five (5) bushings to go with a pencil kit for a Lee Valley Half Twist pencil and can't figure out the configuration/sequence for the 5 bushings. Have...
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