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  1. K

    Serving Tray & Bowl set

    I was commissioned by a friend to build one of these for her sister for Christmas. She apparently liked it a lot because her husband asked for another set for him to give to her for Christmas. Nothing too fancy - I've only turned maybe 10 - 12 bowls so far but I think it came out pretty decent.
  2. F

    Jewelry Box (Bowl)

    Still very new to bowl turning, but starting to figure some things out. Made this for Christmas. Maple I picked up at a cheap sale price... wish i would have gotten more!
  3. F

    Bowl made from cherry

    This is a small 8 inch diameter bowl made from cherry. I used Danish oil to finish it. I gave this one to my wife to take to school and use as a candy bowl.
  4. C

    Woodturning is expensive....

    Hello! Been around here for a while now i haven't posted any of my pens up but I've decided I must share my KOA bowl. The bowl is 7.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall, I had some scary moments along the way however everything worked out! Thanks for looking! C&C Encouraged!
  5. woodsofourlives

    Segment Bowls

    Here are tow of my Brain -art bowls The first is Purpleheart,walnut and maple. the second is Walnut, maple. both have banding.
  6. S

    I've been busy

    It's been a long time since I have posted a picture here but I have been here several times a day looking. The rolling pin and the bowl from a Plank were both posted by William O. Young as was the tutorial for both. Thanks Bill. In these items are walnut, red oak, cherry maple, hickory, purple...
  7. ngeb528

    Corian Bowl

    Made this bowl from 4x4 pieces of Corian I received as a bonus in the PR trade. I was amazed at how often I had to sharpen the chisels. This stuff was amazingly hard. What do you think?
  8. E

    Three bowls, always learning

    *shamelessly copied from my post at smc* :biggrin: Here are three bowls that I've done over the past week. The first one is cherry with an offset walnut cross going through it. It is approx. 5 inches in diameter and about 2 inches tall. The second one is Australian Blackwood. I really like...
  9. M

    juniper bowls

    Brian (Txbatons) alerted us to some juniper that was available so I grabbed some. I am always looking for free wood and had never turned juniper. I roughed out some bowls from the smaller peice and wrapped them up to dry. Juniper is bad to crack and sure enough, I got to practice filling...
  10. Justin_F

    Couple of bowls

    For your interest here are a couple of bowls I knocked up during the week. The lighter one is White Top burl and I can't remember the species I used for the darker one but will edit this post to include later.
  11. maxwell_smart007

    First game call and another bowl

    Here's gamecall number one, and lifetime bowl number 8 or 9? I've lost track of the number of bowls I've made... They're presents for the couple who made the red wine for my wedding...
  12. E

    I can't stop trying to make bowls

    I'm really enjoying the bowl aspect of turning. I've had a few blowouts on some nice blanks so I needed to take a break. Was interesting to try to keep the lines of the bowl flowing from the bottom to the top. I need to figure out a way to get the top half of the bowl to flow straight down into...
  13. louisbry

    Oval Lipped Sycamore Bowl

    This is a 6 inch by 3 inch sycamore bowl I recently finished. Inside and outside are round, but the lip is oval shapped. I rough turned it about 5 months ago and after drying the distortion was so great that I started to make fire wood out of it. On closer examination I measured the wider and...
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