Three <<<<Chevron's >>>> on an Aaron JR

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Jul 11, 2012
Grand Junction, Colorado
While I don't claim to be in the same camp as Mark James, I visited his shop almost two years ago and was inspired by his workmanship and ideas. After completing a couple of chevron pens with pieces he graciously gave me, I used the remaining pieces he provided to create this. Not sure what the woods are that make up the chevrons. The main body is maple, the accent is either ebony or blackwood with a "Gisi" strip of blue/white/blue in between.

The chevrons meet in the middle of the cap at a purpleheart "square." Instead of having four chevrons, I went with three for something different.

Enjoy! And thanks again to Mark for his generosity giving me the slices to make the chevrons (I have cut some of my own now and hope to show them soon). He has inspired me to stretch myself and attempt things way beyond my previous comfort zone.

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mark james

IAP Collection, Curator
Sep 6, 2012
Medina, Ohio
Beautiful pen Steve. I believe you and Dale (Dale Parrott - link #298, not mine!) are doing the best job with the middle square inserts. This is an element I want to explore, but just don't have the time yet.

While I love the chevrons, I also will give a shout out for your end caps. I really like end caps that add to the overall appearance of the blank (segmented or not). Yours are Very nice.

I love seeing what others do with this.

Be well, Mark
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