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Jun 21, 2015
Fayetteville, NC
Hi - I'm Dan. I've lived around the U.S., and several places around the world, but have called North Carolina "home" for 20+ years.

I'm new to pen making, but not the lathe or woodworking in general. I tend to make "cool" stuff rather than furniture or otherwise useful household items. I combine my love of music with the joy of woodworking to create unique musical instruments, and enjoy making odd turned items like segmented bowls, etc.

My friends told me pen making was a "slippery slope", but they were wrong. I may have binged and turned a dozen pens in the first week, but I can quit anytime I want. In fact, I think I'll quit as soon as the 50 pen sets I have on hand are gone. Or maybe after I do these segmented pens. If not, I'll definitely quit as soon as I make a special pen for my brother. And my mom. And the guy at work...
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