segmented pen

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  1. R

    First pen over 2 segments!

    I was so nervous to make this pen but wow getting it done feels so great!
  2. R

    My first 2 segment pen and acrylic

    I should have had sharper tools for this one but I'll know for next time. Had the first one blast apart on me, but I got back up and tried again. Love this one!
  3. Segmented Pen

    Segmented Pen

    Made a segmented blank not knowing how it would look once turned. I like it!
  4. M

    First segmented

    This is my first attempt at segmenting. Blue mahoe and holly on a majestic squire. c&c please Yes I know my photography sucks :redface:
  5. mrobertson

    How do you count segments?

    I state that these pens have 142 segments. But I had a gentleman contact me and state that it's really only 77. His reasoning was that I shouldn't count the ones that I've cut in half. What do you guys think? How many segments would you say this pen has...
  6. mrobertson

    Segmented Inlay Pens with 142 Pieces Robertson Pens

    Here are some pens we just made. They are made of Cherry, Walnut, Bloodwood, Maple, and Acrylic made in house. We've been making inlay for years now, and decided that we should try pens. We plan on making more intricate ones in fountain pens next. This was just our first step. I would love to...
  7. mrobertson

    New Segmented Inlay Maker from Nixa, MO

    Hi, everyone! My father and I have been in the woodworking business for years, and we thought we would try out pens. We've been making pens for about a month now, and we have learned a lot. We are still looking to learn more, which is why we joined this forum. I've attached some pictures of the...
  8. LL Woodworks

    Segmenting Sled video

    I made a segmenting sled that has served me very well for cutting thick and thin pieces for segmenting as well as angled cuts. You can see the build here; Part 1 and how it is used here Part 2
  9. ELA

    Vertex segmented pen

    What to do with left over wood. View in Gallery
  10. campzeke

    Segmented ???

    I'm not sure if this is a segmented pen or not. Someone help me out here. I was not crazy about it at first but the more I look at it the more I like it. I purchased the blank from the local Woodcraft store and sandwiched two layers of maple veneer back to back in an arc across the length. I am...
  11. CommGuy107

    This just in...

    Hi - I'm Dan. I've lived around the U.S., and several places around the world, but have called North Carolina "home" for 20+ years. I'm new to pen making, but not the lathe or woodworking in general. I tend to make "cool" stuff rather than furniture or otherwise useful household items. I...
  12. S

    Zebra Wood & Walnut Segmented

    Not the best photo, but making the pen was interesting. Zebra Wood and Walnut with Aluminum segments. It worked out well but I'm wondering what is the best way to glue Al to wood?? I just used a medium CA glue - is there a better option? Thanks and comments always appreciated!
  13. N

    First Celtic knot

    Here is a picture of the good side of the first Celtic knot I have done. the other side is off slightly but I learned that I need to make sure everything is lined up when doing the glue up each time. I also learned that it is very important to have the blank square and the ends of the blank...
  14. N

    First segmented pen finished!

    It took to tries but I got it done. I ended up using the white gorilla glue and the blank held together quite well. I am happy with it for it being my first one. I want to try adding metal in between the segments next time. Any tips on that would be much appreciated!
  15. A

    My first segmented pens

    I think I am hooked. These Longwood pens are my first attempt at segmented pens. What an engaging activity. I hope that I will be able to go back to non-segmented pens after this. Which one is your favourite? I can't decide. These are both Tulipwood Blanks with Purpleheart feature...
  16. D

    lacquer over acrylic?

    Hello, I have a quick question that I have not yet been able to find an answer for. I have recently started making segmented pen blanks. Several of them have a segmented pieces of acrylic blanks. My question is if there are any issues with applying a lacquer finish over a mostly wood pen blank...
  17. R

    Couple Segmented Pens Made Tonight!

    Had some fun Segmenting small ballpoints this evening. Which is your favorite segmented pen?
  18. butchf18a

    360 Herringbone Elegant Beauty

    Pen: Berea Hardwoods Elegant Beauty Sierra, Black Titanium. 360 Herringbone tutorial for inspiration Maple, Purpleheart, Walnut. CA finish. Black dyed epoxy to add definition between segment layers. pics: 1. The blank prior to trimming, drilling and turning. 2. Finished pen. Dang, should...
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