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May 11, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Our outside cat will lay with our St Bernard. One of the inside cats will touch noses with him as long as she is at his height, otherwise she runs. Her sister sister wants nothing to do with him and will just ignore h unless she is at his height, the she bolts.

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Our big cat used to stand up on his hind legs in the gap between the footboard and the seat of the recliner, and protected on all sides by the chair, would "box" with the St Bernard.


Jan 16, 2011
Smiths Falls, Ontario, Canada
Indoor cats

Did they say that Luna had ever been around dogs? If you foster, be sure that any dogs you foster are not aggressive with cats. Some dogs cannot be trusted around cats. I've never officially fostered dogs, but I have taken dogs from friends who had a change of circumstances that prohibited them keeping their dogs, and eventually re-homed them. The cats were hostile at first, but when the dogs were not aggressive, they tolerated them.

The best info we have about Luna is that she captured (trapped I believe) by animal Officers in one of the city suburbs and brought in to the RSPCA shelter about early February this year where she stayed since.

They estimated her age to be now about 11 months but I wouldn't be surprised if she is younger, she looks still small, but I may be wrong, she weighs 3 1/4kg.

We are aware of some dogs and cats not getting along, Zac was deadly on cats and even any other dogs so, the idea to adopt a cat then or even another dog, was completely out for the 12 years we had him.

Luna keeps looking at the outside through the windows, I would like her to go outside at some point but I believe a little too early yet, I wonder if cats can live a good life being inside of the house all of the time/their life's...?


Jus to relieve your mind, vets over here (Canada) recommend that cats be kept inside. There are too many dangers to domesticated cats outside, they live longer when kept inside. Had two who never put a foot outside and lived long happy lives.

All the best...….
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