New Member from Vancouver, BC! :)

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Oct 28, 2021
Vancouver, BC
Hi everyone!😁

My name is Anson and I'm new to this forum. I was introduced by David aka Alchemist from Instagram to join this forum. Been scrolling through just for a short bit and I love the atmosphere here!

I'm pretty new to wood turning, I started about 6 months ago and found out how much I love turning pens. It all started from my obsession of collecting fountain pens, and I wanted to learn more how these work and how these were made, especially hand made ones! I went into a deep rabbit hole in youtube, just watching how fountain pens work, how they are made, and how many different methods from different countries! I have a huge inspiration from a South Korean pen turner who also specializes silversmithing, Silver Meister, totally check his youtube out!

What's funny is that, my parents would ask me "Why not you start making your own pens? That will cut down on your fountain pen collection!" Yeah, that didn't turn out to be true 😂 Now I have just as many turned pens as my fountain pen collection, and it won't stop growing! I ended up pursuing opening my own Etsy shop in hopes I can sell some of the pens I made so I can get more supplies and fun.

I've made one sale (yay) so far at Etsy and also 2 commissions to make a custom pen. Pretty happy with my progress so far, but I definitely would like to learn how to make resin and hybrid blanks! My goal is to eventually learn how to make my own bespoke fountain pen.

Here are a few of my recently turned pens and some I think are my best work:
MP208 pen kit with hybrid blue blank

Halloween themed clicky and snap-on pen (orange and purple)

Heat treated Purpleheart slim kit pen

Thanks, Alchemist, for introducing me into this forum! Can't wait to explore more and see what I can learn from everyone 😁

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