Golden Amboyna Burl Pen - Finally Feel Like I've Figured Out CA Finishing

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Jun 12, 2017
Phoenix, AZ
Some simple tricks that help me get flawless results everytime.

1. Use foam to apply the CA, and I also apply the CA while turning the lathe by hand. I personally feel that if the lathe is spinning even at the slowest of speeds it can introduce air into the CA fininsh.
2. Apply two coats of thin first, followed by 4 coats of thick.
3. If you use activator spray it from about 2 feet with a mist to prevent it from curing two fast and causing bubbles.
4. Wet sand with 320 to get any pits out, then move up the grits to about 800.
5. Finally hit it with a plastic polish.


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Feb 6, 2005
Tunica, MS,
Practice works! Once I mastered the CA, Then I had to learn to master the allergies that came with it 2 years later. If you don't use a face mask of some sort of dust collection, keep an open mind. Another thing, huge humidity swings with temp changes can change the way/timing that CA cures.

BEAUTIFUL work! A beautiful finish like that will double the price of the pen. AND you took Great Photos too!
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