Click Cigar Kit Review & Build Video

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Dec 28, 2015

The video is pretty long, so here's a timeline if you want to skip around:

02:25 Compared to Twist Cigar Kit
05:20 Blank Selection and Prep
11:00 Drilling
22:10 Tube Glue Up
29:30 Tube/Blank End Squaring
30:45 Turning
35:35 Finishing
44:40 Assembly
52:50 Initial Impression
55:35 Photography
56:35 Conclusion

Bottom line is I was pleasantly unsurprising by the kit... meaning I could use my twist cigar bushings with it, and the tubes, while a little shorter, were the same diameter as a twist cigar kit.

Since the video is mostly about making a pen, I thought it made more sense to post it here, rather than in the review forum (if that still exists in the forum software).

I tried to film everything I did, start to finish, fast forwarding through the boring parts. I'll have to say, after doing this, I have even more respect for the folks out there that put up all the wood working videos on youtube. One thing I didn't expect was a weird kind of stage fright - realizing the camera is rolling, and that you should be trying to talk/describe what you're doing... it takes away from your concentration about what it is you're doing. I wouldn't be unusual for me to have a thing or two not go as planned when making a pen, but I think I had double that with the camera running and competing for my brain cycles. In any case, it all turned out well in the end, and I feel like I learned something.
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