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  1. budnder

    Click Cigar Kit Review & Build Video

    The video is pretty long, so here's a timeline if you want to skip around: 02:25 Compared to Twist Cigar Kit 05:20 Blank Selection and Prep 11:00 Drilling 22:10 Tube Glue Up 29:30 Tube/Blank End Squaring 30:45 Turning 35:35 Finishing 44:40 Assembly 52:50 Initial Impression 55:35 Photography...
  2. R

    Woodworking and Pen making tutorial video:

    As many of you know I started my youtube channel this year and I added a great video I am hope will help many of those here on this site who are considering starting their own or just looking to get your knowledge out in the world. So recently someone asked if anyone could do a video about...
  3. Woodchipper

    Library videos

    I had some time and decided to look at the library and see what resources are available. I clicked on the video section. Then I clicked on both the dot links and got a 404 error message. Thumbnail video links open OK. Need some help, please.
  4. cschimmel

    PSI Coffee Scoop Video Build

    Wanted to show this video I did on the PSI coffee scoops. They seem to be a pretty good quality Item. How to build a Coffee Scoop (component kit build) - YouTube
  5. cschimmel

    Paracord Survival Bracelet Jig,

    I made this jig for a buddy. How to make a Paracord Bracelet Jig. Paracord Survival Bracelet. - YouTube
  6. WildcatHollow


    Good evening, Colleagues... What's your opinion of using videography instead of photography to promote pens. You miss some of the detail, but you get a 360 degree view of the product. Here's a test I ran: YouTube compressed the video down from HD so...
  7. ed4copies

    Wanna see some dirty pictures?

    That MOVE!!! EARLY renditions, camera is at 10:30 position to me, looking at the lathe. I am open to comments about anything, here. The tool is a 1" oval Sorby skew first, then the smaller is a 3/4" (there will be a note telling...
  8. les-smith

    Which Video Editing Software To Get

    I was wonder what your opinions are concerning the best inexspensive video editing software. Currently I'm using Windows Movie Maker, but I'm not real satisfied. The quality really seems to degrade when I put it on DVD, almost like the video is skipping when you watch it on the TV. Any...
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