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Jun 9, 2017
Columbus, Nebraska, USA
Greetings from Nebraska. Just what we all need, more tools! This is another negative rake angled tool that I made today. The cutter is a standard 2 Radius Square, but it is mounted at an angle so it presents to the material at 20-degrees like a negative rake scraper would. I made a little backing ledge using JB Weld to try to keep the cutter square when it is being tightened down. Although it sorta works, it is an obvious hack job - I just don't have the right equipment to mill it in the way it should be.

The handle is hickory finished with Hut Crystal Coat friction polish and the ferrule is a fitting meant for PEX tubing. Not only do they satisfy the purpose of a ferrule, but they also make a nice transition between the handle and the tool because of the flare on the side that meets the handle and a rolled edge on the tool end. I can hardly wait for the epoxy to cure so I can test it out.

Dave (egnald)

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