2021 - Midwest Pen Turners Gathering - Virtual - Cannot Miss This One... (Registration Is Open)

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Dec 1, 2006
Aurora, Ill, USA.
As you all know, we had to cancel the 2020 MPG due to the pandemic. We waited this year as long as we could to see if we could do a live in-person event for 2021. If you follow us on social media, you know earlier this month we announced that we could not do a live event. We don’t believe Illinois will be open by that point and more importantly, we have the utmost respect for our friends for this event. So, we are going to do the next best thing, but a really cool thing. This year’s 2021 event will be completely online.

It’s not a simple Zoom call, it is a full blown virtual symposium. We are going to have multiple rooms running at the same time, virtual vendors, and virtual social gatherings both nights.

The event will take place April 24 and 25, 2021 and will only be $35.
For registration, here is the link
Register Here

This event is going to be big. We already have over a dozen demonstrators and our topics include:
Ed Brown – Sales and Marketing / Stabilization
John Underhill – Vertical Casting
Mark Dreyer – Beginner To Pro in 90 Minutes
Fred Wissen – All About Casting
Tina Wissen – Polymer Clay Blanks
Robert Nelson – Kitless Pens
Lewis Schrader – Metal Lathe
Chris Labedz - Beall Pen Wizard
Mark James - Wood Segmenting For Pens
Steve Margison - Topics TBD
Dean Charlier - 3D Printing For The Pen Maker
Jim Harrington - Closed End Pens
Rashon Davis – Realistic Cigar Pen
many more

We also have some of our industry’s leading vendors lined up.
The PenSmiths
Exotic Blanks
Easy Wood Tools
T Shadow & Co.
Ohio Penworks
And more are coming in.

If this is not enough, the event is not limited to just 2 days. If you sign up, you will have access to all the prerecorded videos for 30 days after the event.

How the event will work:
Demonstrators will prerecord videos and they will be online during their session for you to ask questions via chat. Some demonstrators will be offering up to 30-minute live sessions after their demonstrations. This is an event you simply cannot miss.

For registration, here is the link
Register Here

For updates, check out our Facebook page and our traditional website at
Traditional Website - Demos / History

Any questions, feel free to contact us at mpginfo@yahoo.com.

Hope to “see” you there. This will be fun.

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Nov 9, 2014
Dayton, Ohio
So looking forward to this! We've been adding new color mixes all year in anticipation for this event. I think we are up over 200 as of this week!


Nov 16, 2011
Sterling, VA USA
Mark, Thanks for helping put this MPG Penturning Symposium together. It sounds like a pen turning binge watching weekend!

Do you have the start and end times for each day yet? I am forwarding info to our wood turning club newsletter editor so we can post MPG for our club members.
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