worthless wood

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  1. K

    Worthless Blanks w/ Polyester Resin

    I tried my first casting today. I had a feeling it wouldn't work from what I read. I have turned a good bit of alumilite worthless blanks but never seen any cast in polyester that I know of. Anyhow, I tried casting some olivewood burl with colored polyester resin and both blanks blew apart at...
  2. hcpens

    Worthless Wood project

    1st time turning something other than a pen or bottle stopper. Type of wood unknown, couch support legs, very lite, light yellow color, with a soft texture.
  3. S

    My First Worthless Wood Attempt

    These are a couple of pens that were made as Mother's Day gifts. Blanks were Boysenberry Root from Exotic Blanks' Worthless Wood section and cast by Jeff Powell. I chose to use the Lancer pen kit from Wood Turningz. Both came out pretty well for a first attempt at worthless wood blanks...
  4. R

    Hybrid / Worthless Wood Pen Movie

    Hi all – I just completed and uploaded a short video on the making of a hybrid / “worthless wood” pen. The video is based almost entirely on the “worthless wood” tutorial and process that was developed by Curtis O. Seeback, as well as from commentary on this site regarding the topic. I hope you...
  5. fiferb

    Unusable Wood Zen

    It's been awhile since I posted a pen because I haven't done anything new. Well, here are two firsts for me, my first Zen and my first casting a piece of burl with alumilite. I think it's red mallee on a black Ti Zen. Hole and tube are painted black. Thanks for looking and a special thanks for...
  6. Dai Sensei

    WW Sierras

    Finally got to put the blanks I made here into some Sierra kits I just ordered. A mix of gun-metal, satin, black TI and copper kits Wood is Conkerberry, Budgeroo root and Red Mallee burl cap. All finished with CA.
  7. K

    Rosewood Burl Worthless Wood

    Trying the worthless wood method with some scraps of Rosewood Burl and I'm having fits. It would appear that the resin in the wood is inhibiting the cure of the Polyester. The one I did yesterday appeared fully cured in the mold so I turned it over and tapped it out on the bench. The bottom...
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