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  1. A

    Greetings from Texas

    Hello everyone, Glad to be part of the community, with all the great resources here. I'm new to turning, did my first project today a PSI workshop/sketch pencil. I've been enjoying woodworking for a long time and caught the turning bug. Looking forward to learning. My Shop Pencil. [/IMG]
  2. Krudwig

    Cabrollero Kit on Walnut and Cherry

    Here is another segmented walnut and cherry with aluminum. This is the second one I've done the first was on a classic vintage kit. I've done cabinetry work and they say that a what separates a good carpenter from a average carpenter is the ability to fix your mistakes or disguise them. Well...
  3. Krudwig

    Walnut, cherry, aluminuim

    Here is a vintage classic from Smitty's! It was a $2 kit on closeout and I have been learning for maybe three months less than 20 pens so far. I thought this one turned out nice ! Also I posted one picture with my ipad and it will only do 1 picture period! Any ideals, I know others have the same...
  4. ren-lathe

    Urn for a pet

    A friend asked me to turn an urn for her dog. He was losing his health and she wanted to be ready. Spalted Maple with a walnut lid and milo knob. Finished in oil.
  5. L

    Spice Grinders with Brick Segmented Tops

    Hi, I've been lurking these forums for a while now. I turn pens and bottle stoppers and such every now and then. I finally have a project that I'm proud to show off to you folks. My first set of spice grinders - salt and peppermills. I used the Crushgrind ceramic mechanisms with shafts. Mills...
  6. B

    One for the wife

    After two years of pen turning, I finally made one for the wife. It is dark walnut with Amboyna burl inlay....
  7. juteck

    Parquet Collaboration

    Beech and walnut glue up by my father (he's a segment turner, but not a pen turner). The blank was a Christmas gift to me from him, the pen will be a father's day gift back to him. Comments / critiques welcome. Sorry about the photo -- black velvet is the wrong background to collect all...
  8. W

    My fist large pen

    After a month of turning I finally decided to pull out the tycoon I ordered, this is the result. I was surprised that the walnut looks to have a burl figure in it. Please be critical, I turned my first pen on the 7th of this month, so i know there is a lot more I need to learn.:smile: Thanks
  9. Halfcaff

    Two new "Martin Cigars"

    I made these today. They are both out of walnut. Big thanks to Peter for the La Gloria band. The CAO band was from last night. I am going to have to make quite a few more because my local cigar shop wants some. I converted the cigar box to a cigar pen box for presentation of the pens...
  10. Halfcaff

    2 "Martin" Cigars (new pic added)

    I was so impressed with his cigar pens I had to try it. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! I'm a cigar lover so this was right up my alley. The first one I made was out of Red Mallee and buckeye burl. The second one is made out of Claro Walnut and buckeye burl. I used churchill...
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