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  1. B

    Rosewood Comfort Pen with wire inlay

    Hey guys, here is a ballpoint pen I made for my brother a few days ago. It was made using rosewood, walnut, and I made a wire inlay around the center ring to make it the highlight of a pen. Kit parts are in gun metal, and the pen was finished with CA glue. What do you think?
  2. 20210107_011831.jpg


    Walnut bullet pen
  3. 0402201839.jpg


    Pens for my groomsmen. Made with walnut. Gun metal and CA finish. Before I learned how to smooth them out and make them slick with EEE wax.
  4. 0521201624.jpg


    Made these for my father and step-mother
  5. Jarred

    My first pens

    Turned my first two pens today using slimline kits from Craft Supplies. The first (right) I think is padauk— went ok, but didn’t quite finish it well with CA. The second went better in walnut. I was a bit shy around the bush is, not wanting to damage them— as a result the barrels are a bit wide...
  6. alk5adb

    Greetings from Texas

    Hello everyone, Glad to be part of the community, with all the great resources here. I'm new to turning, did my first project today a PSI workshop/sketch pencil. I've been enjoying woodworking for a long time and caught the turning bug. Looking forward to learning. My Shop Pencil. [/IMG]
  7. Krudwig

    Cabrollero Kit on Walnut and Cherry

    Here is another segmented walnut and cherry with aluminum. This is the second one I've done the first was on a classic vintage kit. I've done cabinetry work and they say that a what separates a good carpenter from a average carpenter is the ability to fix your mistakes or disguise them. Well...
  8. Krudwig

    Walnut, cherry, aluminuim

    Here is a vintage classic from Smitty's! It was a $2 kit on closeout and I have been learning for maybe three months less than 20 pens so far. I thought this one turned out nice ! Also I posted one picture with my ipad and it will only do 1 picture period! Any ideals, I know others have the same...
  9. ren-lathe

    Urn for a pet

    A friend asked me to turn an urn for her dog. He was losing his health and she wanted to be ready. Spalted Maple with a walnut lid and milo knob. Finished in oil.
  10. L

    Spice Grinders with Brick Segmented Tops

    Hi, I've been lurking these forums for a while now. I turn pens and bottle stoppers and such every now and then. I finally have a project that I'm proud to show off to you folks. My first set of spice grinders - salt and peppermills. I used the Crushgrind ceramic mechanisms with shafts. Mills...
  11. B

    One for the wife

    After two years of pen turning, I finally made one for the wife. It is dark walnut with Amboyna burl inlay....
  12. juteck

    Parquet Collaboration

    Beech and walnut glue up by my father (he's a segment turner, but not a pen turner). The blank was a Christmas gift to me from him, the pen will be a father's day gift back to him. Comments / critiques welcome. Sorry about the photo -- black velvet is the wrong background to collect all...
  13. W

    My fist large pen

    After a month of turning I finally decided to pull out the tycoon I ordered, this is the result. I was surprised that the walnut looks to have a burl figure in it. Please be critical, I turned my first pen on the 7th of this month, so i know there is a lot more I need to learn.:smile: Thanks
  14. Halfcaff

    Two new "Martin Cigars"

    I made these today. They are both out of walnut. Big thanks to Peter for the La Gloria band. The CAO band was from last night. I am going to have to make quite a few more because my local cigar shop wants some. I converted the cigar box to a cigar pen box for presentation of the pens...
  15. Halfcaff

    2 "Martin" Cigars (new pic added)

    I was so impressed with his cigar pens I had to try it. Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery! I'm a cigar lover so this was right up my alley. The first one I made was out of Red Mallee and buckeye burl. The second one is made out of Claro Walnut and buckeye burl. I used churchill...
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