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  1. W

    Woodpeckers now carries pen kits

    Did you know Woodpeckers now carries pen kits?
  2. P

    Looking for pen kit answers

    My friend asked me if there was a pen kit that was slim but could also be heavy in weight. I know the slimline is the smallest pen kit you can go but for weight wise would tru-stone be on the heavier size. If there is anyone that has any suggestions to different kit and or blank that could...
  3. P

    Harley Quinn Pen

    I consider this my first turn to the new year it was 50 degrees the other day and I got excited to go turn and it came out amazing also. This was one of the blanks I got at the mpg last year and looking forward to the next one...
  4. P

    Watch Parts Pen

    This was the a pen blank I received from ernie aka EBorraga he was at the pot luck in December at mark james house and he gave me the blank to try cause it was not on par with him I have to say it still is amazingly made and I had fun turning it thanks ernie I used the elegant sierra kit...
  5. P

    Particle Board Pen

    Well I had typed in the forum to see if anyone else has done a partical board pen and I did not see anything so I said why not since I did not find anyone on here that has made one. Looks amazing and very hard to turn. I also used embossing powder I found on clearance at my hobby lobby and I...
  6. P

    Circuit Board Blank Distinctive Cracks

    I hope this is in the right thread but as you can see this blank i bought from penn state industries and if my knowledge is correct if i would of turned this it would of exploded or got bad stuff happening to it i just wanted to show these to future buyers of this blank i dont think its supposed...
  7. P

    Very first Steam Punk Circuit Board Pen

    This pen was a first attempt at turning it and i could not have been more happier with the pen http://www.penturners.org/photos/images/32681/medium/1_20161229_171324.jpg View in Gallery
  8. J

    Tear out on turned bowl

    What can I do to fix the tear out on a bowl. I don't want to sand it to get rid of it because it will make my side too thin. I am looking for a fix that would still be food safe.
  9. B

    My first attempt at a vase

    Got some cedar from a friend and decided that I would try to make a wood vase... Here is my attempt. Anyone have any suggestions on how to hollow out the inside considering I have no "chuck" to hold it with... Can I glue a scrap piece to the bottom and use the screw holes in the headstock...
  10. C

    Woodturning is expensive....

    Hello! Been around here for a while now i haven't posted any of my pens up but I've decided I must share my KOA bowl. The bowl is 7.5 inches wide and 2.25 inches tall, I had some scary moments along the way however everything worked out! Thanks for looking! C&C Encouraged!
  11. Texas Penworks

    Antler 30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle Cartridge Ballpoint Pen

    White Tail Deer Antler 30 Caliber Lever Action Rifle Cartridge Ballpoint Pen with engraved box. My Shop expansion Project: Deer Antler 30 Cal Bolt Action Pens - in 4 Finishes by Kyle Christian — Kickstarter
  12. T

    Teen pen turner from harrisonville, mo

    Hi everyone!! I am a 14 yo who has been turning/selling handmade pens. I am not very rich so I have about the cheapest tools around. Due to being 14 my whole income is from the pens I sell. My parents are upper middle class but show no interest in paying for tools ext. they just like the...
  13. cschimmel

    Basic Pen Making Video Series Part 2, Slimline

    Here is part 2, Thanks to all who watch and any feedback is appreciated so I can make better videos in the future. Beginning Pen Making Part 2, Making a Slimline Pen - YouTube Chad
  14. cschimmel

    Basic Pen Making Video Series

    I'm doing a series of videos on basic pen making in an effort to help my buddy. I know most on here are more advanced then me but I thought I'd share in case it can help someone. Beginning Pen Making Part 1, Pen Styles, Tools, and Getting Started. Basic Pen Turning explained - YouTube
  15. Nikitas

    Carbide turning tools..

    Here are some tools I made last few days. I Designed this tool to fit three inserts. The 15mm square, 15m with 2-6 inch nose radius and 17.5 mm round cutter.
  16. Nikitas

    .Live web video on turning a pen,

    Going to do a live web casting to turn a Power pen kit for a client today at 1:30 PM EST. Just click on the ustream link at the bottom of my signature line of this post. Hope to see you there! Brian :smile:
  17. W

    Acrylic Pens

    I am not one that really enjoys turning an acrylic pen but I love the way they look and the variety they give... I have not done that many sicen I love to use "finds" of different woods... Here are three acrylics using the Wall Street and Hart kits...
  18. W

    Deer Antler-Bullet Pen

    I have been putting together a deer antler-bullet pen... This is not a kit... I resized the 30-06 WW II vintage cartridge, drilled it, and also created the deer antler blank etc. I have made several of these and I consider them a tough pen to make... The antler is hard to drill since it is...
  19. WildcatHollow

    Acrylic Odor

    I turned my first acrylic pen yesterday. I had ready about the unusual odor, which although strong, wasn't objectionable, especially since it produces such a great result. But, I was using the pen this morning (it's my first acrylic, so I'm going to keep it), and I noticed the pen still gave...
  20. JeremyJ

    New Pen Turner from Illinois

    Hi all, I'm a fairly new turner, I've been turning for a couple months. Mainly bottle stoppers, tops, and ring holders. I think I am now ready to venture into the world of pens. I'm sure I'll have lots of questions so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks JJ
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