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  1. steamshovel

    blank length

    I am assembling some Artisan clicker pen kits and I can't find the length to trim them. I got them from Craft supplies and the part # for the brass tubes is 1011700002. Is it 4.125? Preston
  2. R

    Bushing cross reference?

    I have the app and lists but I am wondering if there is a published cross-reference of which kits use the same bushings (if that makes sense). In other words, now that I have amassed over 20 bushing sets I am wondering if there is a list of pen kits that all take the same size bushing. If I...
  3. Racer3770

    Labels & Decals Wrapping Pen Tubes

    Hey guys! I've been a member here for a while but I rarely post. I was wondering what method you all use to wrap items around the pen tube. I have seen the "We the People" blanks and I want to do something similar to that with reproduced confederate bank notes I recently picked up. The paper is...
  4. P

    Pen Kit Bushings and Tubes

    I found on this forum a document called "Pen Kit Bushings and Tubes" It lists pen kit suppliers, part numbers, bushing and tubes sizes. It is a great document and was created by W Racinowski back in 2010 but is not complete. I can't locate a current or completed document. Does anyone know...
  5. healeydays

    Planning on casting and want advice

    Hi Folks, I'm planning on doing some stabilizing and casting of pen blanks and would be looking to use a portion of the materials as trade material. My question is if I was to cast with tubes, knowing that all type of tubes are used depending on what pens are being turned, am...
  6. healeydays

    What tube size and length are folks looking for?

    Folks, I am looking to do some casting of blanks and am curious if I were looking to have trade stock, what are people looking for in dimensions and tube size in blanks they are buying/trading for? Also, does anyone know of a great source for raw tubes that I can cut to size as needed...
  7. feeneypens

    Replacement tubes

    Hey all. I'm looking for a good site for replacement tubes of all sizes. Currently the ones I'm interested in are 11mm. Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  8. Lenny

    El Grande questions?

    I just picked up a few of the Berea El Grande kits and find the instructions and methods used much different from any other pen I have done to date. The cap end has two tubes a smaller one that fits in the 11mm hole and a large (short) one that fits in the top end. On the upper cap blank...
  9. S

    Painting tubes before PR casting?

    OK, I had a big problem with my first batch of PR blanks that I tried. Here is what happened. I prepped the tubes but scratching them up and then proceeded to use Testor's all purpose model enamel paint on the tubes. I used various colors and then coated all of them with Testor's one coat...
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