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  1. Racer3770

    My First Kitless

    First things first: A huge shout out to MRedburn! I messaged him with several questions and he was incredibly helpful. Thanks again! This is my first attempt at a kitless pen. I made the blank using alumilite and pearl ex powders. The nib is a #6 Jowo stub from Meisternibs. I used a 9MM X...
  2. Racer3770

    The Green Baron - Bash 2017

    This was my entry to the 2017 Birthday Bash Advanced Kit Contest. I casted the blank in alumilite using apple green pearl ex powder. The kit is a baron. I closed both ends but kept the clip by using a tap and die on the top. I cut a tenon and threaded the cap portion to accept the clip, then...
  3. A

    Threads question...

    How do you figure out what diameter to turn aluminum stock down to for a specific die? For example a #10-32 die?
  4. jjudge

    nib tap ... but with corresponding die ??

    Buying triples from Classic Nib, Indy-Pen-Dance, etc means you need the tap. That is because you will be fitting the aleady-threaded nib, feed, housing into something ... a section, or into a barrel. So, where are the dies? I'm trying to follow my rule of "always buy a die with that tap"...
  5. jjudge

    updated - Tap/Die size chart

    I've collected updates from FPN and here at IAP. This is posting #2 of the Tap & Die size chart. I think this post will be the last round for inputs; then I'll hit the IAP library with a final version in a week or two. So, same request as before: Update me with info. If you know of a...
  6. jjudge

    tap, die, threading sizes - etc

    I've mined out various sizing info and stuck it in this spreadsheet. [attached pen_related_sizes.xls] There was talk about some chart being assembled, but I never found it ... so I put this together. Please validate, post info so I can incorporate, & correct me where I'm wrong, etc...
  7. D

    For those using the new Heritance taps

    I received an email this evening with the following proposition. I had not considered the advantage of having a die to make a mandrel for turning. Before I make myself even crazier than I already am, would this be a valuable idea? Would we be better off just having some custom mandrels made...
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