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  1. ramaroodle

    Vacuum pump oil in hose

    I did my first real stabilization the other day. After about an hour when I came out to check the progress I noticed that the hose running to the tank had some of the oil from the pump backing up into the hose and some had actually gotten into the tank and mixed with the cactus juice. Any...
  2. ramaroodle

    Cactus Juice vs Wood Juice vs Minwax

    Just getting into stabilization. Made a vac system last night and immersed spalted maple blanks and pulled a vacuum until it stopped bubbling. Used Minwax wood hardener as it was at the big box store and I wanted to see what it would do. Didn't want to bake them as I figured that would be...
  3. jcgolov

    Where to find stabilising product in Scotland?

    Hi every one. I am hoping that some members will be able to help me. For weeks I have been looking for stabilising blanks properly but I can't get anywhere. The focus it seems is Cactus Juice. However here in Scotland, we can't get it or we need to pay a huge amount to import it. I have...
  4. T

    Stabilizing without pressure/vacuum?

    Hi all, I recently came into some Manzanita burl and branches (freshly dug up/felled by a homeowner who graded the road into his property). I cut the burl into pen blanks and also cut some of the branches into blanks. Coated all of them with Anchor Seal about 2 weeks ago. I don't have a...
  5. M

    How to stabilize wood blanks with resin

    I have a contract to make wine stoppers from a 100+ year old Lindy tree (bass wood). I use CA finish on my pens but would be a challenge on wine stoppers. I know there are options such as Myslins 3-step, and other waxes or lacquers but I wanted to ensure a harder outer shell as the wood is so...
  6. AZSalsman

    Wood Stabilization

    I am faced with a challenge (well it is a challenge for me :smile:). I am tasked with making a few pens out of specific pieces of wood from a family swing sit heirloom that has had to be this has extreme sentimental value and memories. The wood is REDWOOD is very soft. From...
  7. BigguyZ

    How do you know if a wood can be stabilized?

    Ok, I recently had another CA finish get a bunch of tiny cracks about 4 weeks or more after I got the perfect finish on it... This was yellowheart, not a wood you typically think of as difficult to finish. So now, I'm going to adopt a 100% stabilization policy. But are there any woods that...
  8. BigguyZ

    Wood movement, or "The case for Trustone and Acrylics" (rant/ brainstorm)

    OK, I'll try to take some pictures to show what I'm talking about, but my current camera doesn't exactly take Macro pictures very well. AAAnyway, I'm looking over my pens for sale this morning, and a quilted maple (?) sierra I did a few weeks ago now has spider webs cracks all over the...
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