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  1. Woodchipper

    Turning synthetics with a skew

    Letting the knees rest a bit. I know there are several types of synthetics and I will use this word as a broad term. Does anyone use a skew for turning synthetics? I am using a 3/4 roughing gouge and getting a decent surface prior to sanding and polishing. I have read that a skew, on wood...
  2. T

    Teen pen turner from harrisonville, mo

    Hi everyone!! I am a 14 yo who has been turning/selling handmade pens. I am not very rich so I have about the cheapest tools around. Due to being 14 my whole income is from the pens I sell. My parents are upper middle class but show no interest in paying for tools ext. they just like the...
  3. Lenny

    Video: TBC with a Woodchuck and skew

    Another video, this one showing turning between centers using stock bushings, initially using a Woodchuck Pen Pro ... then finishing off with a skew chisel.
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