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  1. R

    Slimline click pen refills

    I have been trying to find an upgraded refill for clicks pens, anyone have a link as to where I can find this refill than you.
  2. sorcerertd

    Let's talk about ink

    I searched around in the resources, but didn't find anything about ink. If I missed something there, please let me know below. If not, maybe we can put together something for the resources section? There are a few individual threads for specific refill types. I'm mostly interested in the...
  3. Woodchipper

    Woodcraft revolver pen refills

    I bought some kits when on sale a while back. Forgot that they take an odd refill that is very short and no plastic tip as the Parker or Cross refills. I sent an email to WC but thought I could get a quick answer from the forum. Is there a refill that is available outside of WC, as Staples...
  4. D

    Montblanc rollerball refills in the Majestic kit

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but I looked around and didn't see anything that described this process. Also, this is my first post. Hi! Recently, I started turning wood, and then discovered pen turning. I have made about 6 pens now and a couple days ago I decided to make one for my...
  5. W

    ? Ink Refill s?

    I am selling the slimline, trimline, comfort & designer pens and I have had people ask me what kind of refills do they take. I don't want to buy refills from PSI or some other site and have to pay the shipping just for some refills. Can anybody out there tell me what refills they take. I have...
  6. SDB777

    Gel ink for slimline....

    Just wondering where to get the best deal on replacement ink refills to fit the Slimline pens from PSI. But I don't want to replace the refill with the standard black ink....I need "GEL" ink refills. So where do you get 'em from? Scott (shameless plug for your favorite vendor) B
  7. creativewriting

    Mont Blanc Refill

    Out of curiosity does anyone know the thread size for the Mont Blanc Rollerball refills?
  8. N

    Good source for cheap refills?

    Hello, I am looking for blue and black ((fine)) refills - both Cross and Parker. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Nick
  9. jttheclockman

    What refill are you using

    On the higher end pens that are ballpoint, what refills are you all using??? Such kits as the Jr Gent, Majestic, Barons and so forth.
  10. H

    Question about pen refills

    Hi I just ordered my lathe and various kits can't wait to get them. My question is are the refills replaceable once the pen is assembled or can you take them apart to put new refills in after it runs out. Thanks for your time.
  11. Crashmph

    Spacepen Refills

    Hi all, I just got an order form these guys. The refills are very nice and they do work upside down or while writing a lot on a wall. (had a client want a few that could do that) Just thought I would share with everyone. Michael
  12. F

    Fast drying ink for lefties?

    I have a potential customer looking at some of my higher end pens which are of the Parker style. He prefers the Cross style because the ink tends to dry faster and not smear as he writes. Is there is a fast drying ink in a Parker style that someone would be willing to recommend? Thanks, Brian
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