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  1. hilltopper46


    A few of a recent run of pendants made to replenish my Etsy shop. These are all from mountain ash (rowan) as it seems to be a consistant seller for me. The wood is soft, but can be pretty. Insert… DeleteP6130035.JPG 1599 x 1600 · 299.4 KB Insert… DeleteP6130043.JPG 1599 x 1600 · 289.2 KB...
  2. Rick_G

    First try at a pendant

    After seeing some of the great work here I decided to give one a try. Jig for making it was made from a piece of maple and threaded to fit the bottle stopper mandrel I had. Pendant is walnut with 3 coats of spray lacquer.
  3. D


    This is the jade color I cast and made this real quick.
  4. F


    Here are a few pendants I made with my new backer plate. Notice I have stolen several of the ideas others were so kind to share. I also attached a pic of how I use my backer plate with a HF drill chuck. I drilled and tapped the chuck on my lathe. John
  5. Grizz

    First Pendant

    I finally got down to the shop. Messing around with Richard's backer plate. I came up with this little guy for my first one. Corian of some kind. As you can see My first one is pretty small... maybe a little bigger? Ideas?
  6. M

    My first try at Pendants

    I made these today while waiting on Bob (bettyt44720) to pickup the lathe I sold him. Wow.. Betty and Bob are great people... These are funny.. Brian
  7. Chuck Key

    Stainless with Cubic Pendant for LOML

    She said WOW! Maybe I can get more tools out of this.
  8. broitblat

    Laminated Pendant

    I actually ran into a pre-laiminated board at Woodcraft and thought it would make a nice pendant. Walnut, Oak, Padauk. I tried to be very careful, but still ended up with some bleed-over of the padauk into the oak, but I like the combination nonetheless. -Barry
  9. R

    Segmented/ Multi material Pendants made this morning

    The first Pic is 2 pieces, Rosewood and corian The second Pic is Corian and African Olivewood glued together then turned as one piece. The third is Pink Ivory, African Olivewood, and the outer ring is corian, 2 piece design. The fourth is Zebra wood. The last belongs to the wife, the...
  10. igran7

    I too have joined the pendant craze

    These are the first pendants I've made. From Left to right. Pre-ban ivory with ebony segment Curly Jarrah with Sterling Silver Cross Corian Curly Jarrah last pic is Zebrawood & Ebony These things are really fun to make, I used richard's (sailing away) chuck which really made it easy...
  11. R

    Segmented Pendant

    Oak, Purple Heart, Padauk, African Blackwood, Turquoise, and a garage sale sign. Made with Richards (sailing_away) tool.
  12. L

    First pendant

    I got my pendant backer plate last Friday from Sailing_Away and had to give it a go. I need more practice but for a first, I think I was able to understand it. This deer antler with a little Scrimshaw but it's not quite finished. I also need to fine some leather strapping. I can't wait to do...
  13. R

    More Pendants made with Richard's (sailing_away) Tool

    First couple pics show a Pink Ivory/ Corian design that can be worn together or separate for many combination's. The Grey and black one was made with indexed cuts filled in with paint. All the others are examples a basic pendants. If I can find a way to make ones that my wife doesn't...
  14. broitblat

    Triangular Pendant

    I just got my pendant mandrel from Richard (sailing_away) and had something I wanted to try: This was just a piece of scrap wood I used to see if what I had in mind would work. It's not even finished. I had some tearout on the sides and a few other minor issues, but I think this will be...
  15. Chuck Key

    Fossil Pendant

  16. alphageek

    Pendant Backer Plate Howto/Mini-review

    OK... Lots of pictures, some text.. Hopefully this will help. My Setup... Mini lathe, Ruth Niles stopper Mandrel, Deluxe Backer plate. See Thumbnails for closeups... Picture 1 - backer plate on mandrel, sacrificial wood double stick taped to the plate. Picture 2 - Material double stuck to...
  17. L

    Please share some set up photos of the pendant plates.

    I have the deluxe model,and just want some more pics on the set up of it.Some through the process of making one would be great as well.I have seen the few in the plate post made by i think (Richard),these are helpful but for us dumb folks we need more,lol.Thank you all,Victor
  18. great12b4ever

    question for pendant makers

    Where are you guys buying your neklace cords for the pendants from? Also what length and diameter are you purchasing? Do you use the type that has the lobster claw clasp on them? Do you use the real leather? As you can tell, I have lots of questions about the cords. I do have some of the leather...
  19. M

    M3 Metal Composite Pendant

    One of our customers makes these beautiful pendants using our jewelry grade billets. I am sure that you can get great results from the larger 1"x1"x6" pen blanks and I will try to make some of our larger jewelry grade billets cut down in size available on the forum for any members that want to...
  20. broitblat

    Another Corian Pendant

    Made of of 7 Segments (glued with medium CA) -Barry
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