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  1. Slacker

    Cheap pen blanks

    Cheap pen blanks i’m new to this so I’m uncertain if I’m doing this right but just to let everyone know I was on eBay and found some cheap rhino plastics pen blanks for sale. I believe they are seconds or do not meet their quality control standards but look perfectly fine to turn. They come in...
  2. Sand Mountain Designs


    I received some barn wood over the weekend that will make some awesome looking blanks I believe. I have not identified the wood yet but it is estimated to be from 1932. I'm guessing it would need to be stabilized first. What would be the best way to go about that? Could I cut the blanks first...
  3. corbybenderart

    Hi from https://MyWood.Shop in Elkhorn, Nebraska

    Hi all, happy to be joining. I find myself here often when looking for answers so I figured it was time to join. I make wood pens, pen blanks, jewelry, games, gifts, and so on. You can find my goodies at I look forward to participating here with you all.
  4. 030.JPG


    Highly Figured Bethlehem Olive Wood Pen Blanks
  5. M

    Help with making blanks from logs

    Hey all, I am often asked to make a blank from a cut or fallen log from someone’s front yard. Specifically a pen blank for the sentimental value of a “family tree”, including oak, cedar, walnut, mahogany, etc. Everything from 12-14” in diameter to 2-3” in diameter. I usually chicken out and...
  6. richard_y6

    Trustone Pen Blanks with Beautiful Patterns for Sale TOP 10 BUYER GET FREE EXTRA PEN BLNKS

    Hello everyone! this week, i would like to sale some lots of my beautiful Turquoise Stone Pen Blanks. total 8 lots. 5 blanks per lot. ( Sold out ) all the left was sold to one person, please wait next week. Some members PM me asked how do they look like when they are turned, next week will...
  7. ed4copies

    Ed Brown's YouTube Videos Exotic Blanks YouTube Videos Established in 2008 on IAP, ExoticBlanks is a supplier of pen kits and other products for penturning: Pen Kits Misc Kits Artists Handmade Blanks Casting Supplies Pen Makers Supplies Pen Turning Tools Lathes and Supplies We are an...
  8. M

    How Long Before Cutting?

    I am doing my first block of pen blanks with Alumilite and what is the average time before you guys cut your blanks? The cast works out to cover 4 Slim Lines and 4 Gatsby blanks. I don't want to cut and drill too soon. Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. T

    What pressure pot do you use?

    I am looking to purchase a pressure pot for resin casting, but I only want to do it once...okay, once more. :-) What pot do you use and would you recommend it, or a different one? Thank you.
  10. ramaroodle

    How do I recreate this??

    Just getting into casting and I want to try and make a blank similar to this. I think these would sell well around here as the U. Washington's colors are purple and gold and I have already had requests and 10 confirmed orders if I can produce a prototype. I've got burl, cactus juice...
  11. K

    Casting Alumilite Ribbon Pen Blanks

    Hey everyone! I just added a new video to my YouTube on casting ribbon pen blanks. While it's not a complete "step by step" tutorial you should be able to grasp the basic process through the video. If you have any questions don't hesitate to comment on the video and I'll be sure to...
  12. S

    My first made pen blanks and final pens.

    Thought I'd give pen blank casting a go, happy with how these turned out. Wasn't sure they were going to come out this well, very deceiving until turned.
  13. J

    Greetings From Wales

    I am delighted to have joined the IAP a few weeks ago, but the workshop has been very busy and I have only just got around to saying hello. I have been turning pens for about a year, and more recently commenced creating and selling segmented wood pen blanks. Please take a look at my pen...
  14. turkish walnut

    Executive Pen gift made out Turkish walnut

    My dear friend penmaker Steve ( Pensmaczig ) from Pennsylvania sent me this beautiful Executive Pen gift made out one of my Turkish walnut pen blanks i sent him. All the metal parts are 24kt gold plated (3 microns) I really very liked this precious gift.
  15. J

    Buying acrylic pen blanks

    I buy my own acrylic pen blanks and have been for about 3 years now (but am interested in making my own). Just recently I purchased some acrylic blanks that turned like glass but I noticed the colors of these blanks were a lot prettier. I called the place where I bought them and discovered...
  16. T

    Choosing the Right Pen Blank

    First, I am a newbie and I am hooked on making 7mm pens. I have purchasing my pen blanks (wood) from the local woodworking store. I have been seeing pen blanks from sale while doing web searches. Some same pre-drilled mini blanks 9/16 in x 9/16 in x2-1/32 in. would these blanks work?
  17. C

    Finding Cheap Beginning Blanks

    Hey!, Brand new to the forums I have been snooping around and decided to make an account. Anyways, i had a question. I was wondering where you guys would recommend finding cheap blanks just to start out, I live in Canada and so I have been getting them from Lee Valley Tools however the price...
  18. T

    Drilling Pen Blanks with a Router Table

    Hi all. I have just started using metric drill bits in a router table to drill pen blanks. = I would recommend this method for WOOD ONLY pen blanks, as the plastic blanks would probably melt from the fast drill. The whole process takes about 15 seconds at 10,000 rpm, the slowest router setting...
  19. AZSalsman

    Wood Stabilization

    I am faced with a challenge (well it is a challenge for me :smile:). I am tasked with making a few pens out of specific pieces of wood from a family swing sit heirloom that has had to be this has extreme sentimental value and memories. The wood is REDWOOD is very soft. From...
  20. Padre

    Using Alumilite

    I have been using PR to cast pen blanks, and I'm really tired of the smell. Does anyone know if you can use the luster pigments with alumilite? Thanks.
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